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The Hall of Heroes

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The Hall of Heroes

The Hall of Heroes map.jpg
Map of The Hall of Heroes

The Mists

The Hall of Heroes concept art.jpg

Guild Wars concept art

The Hall of Heroes is a golden fortress located in the center of the Rift which in turn lies in the center of the Mists. Decorated with statues of the Six Gods, it is the afterlife where only the most legendary of heroes' souls are ensconced. Perpetually in something akin to daylight, there is no sun in the skies above the Hall of Heroes; instead, the Hall is illuminated by an unearthly, primeval light in its center.[1]


Originally, it was only the bravest souls who had access to the Hall of Heroes and the Rift. In 851 AE, using a spell of his own creation and with countless sacrifices, Lord Odran had opened permanent portals granting him access to the Rift, which in turn granted him access to the Hall of Heroes and countless worlds within The Mists. Enraged at their prized afterlife being defiled by a mortal researchers, the souls of the Hall of Heroes attacked Lord Odran with their collective might, but had long since forgotten how to interact with the physical world. For years, Lord Odran traveled the Rift, and the Hall of Heroes, across the multiverse. Eventually, the spirits of the Hall had discovered a way to interact with the corporeal world. When Odran had returned to the Hall, they tore the wizard lord to shreds in desire for retribution for his trespasses.

Lord Odran's death, however, unveiled the numerous protections he had left over his portals, granting any mortal able to reach them free access to the Mists. For over two centuries, tournaments were held at some of these portals, such as the one placed in the Tomb of the Primeval Kings, where mortals fought to impress the legends of old. Though initially enraged by trespassers, the souls found enjoyment at watching, and even guiding, these tournaments.

In 1072 AE, the Tomb of the Primeval Kings was invaded by Abaddon's demonic servants, allied by the forces of Menzies and Dhuum. Though the forces led by the Darknesses were slain by the Order of the Sunspears, Zaishen Order, and adventurers, the portal was deemed too unsafe to continue the tournaments there. The Zaishen took it upon themselves to oversee the tournaments at the Battle Isles.

With the rise of Zhaitan and the flooding of the Battle Isles, Tyrian contact with the Hall of Heroes has ceased, leaving it unclear what the fate of the tournaments across worlds is.



  • At one point during the development of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, players would visit the Hall of Heroes at the end of Hallowed Ground. They would be able to return there in open world and speak with a few crazed die-hard believers wandering the wrecked ruins of the Hall of Heroes. Even though the map was complete, it was cut from the game because no meaningful gameplay had been made for it.[2]


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