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Disambig icon.png This article is about the historical Kaineng City. For the contemporary city, see New Kaineng City.
Map of Drowned Kaineng.

Drowned Kaineng, often referred to as Old Kaineng, and previously before the Zhaitan Disaster known as Kaineng City, was the original capital of the Canthan Empire. With the destruction of the city, the empire had to move south and build its new capital, New Kaineng City.

This is where Raisu Palace and Tahnnakai Temple are located.


Early history[edit]

Following his coronation in 0 CC (510 BE), Old Kaineng City was named by the first Emperor of Cantha, Kaineng Tah, whose name meant "lord emperor", with Kaineng City therefore meaning "Emperor's City". He ordered the construction of Raisu Palace as the seat of power for the imperial family. It was finished some time after his death in 46 CC (464 BE), containing only the stretch of land at the northernmost point of Cantha.

In 1204 CC (694 AE), the palace was burned down by rebels opposing the rule of Emperor Singtah. His son, Senvho, ordered the rebuilding of the palace, an endeavor which continued through his whole life.

Following the Jade Wind in 1382 CC (872 AE), caused by the treacherous assassin Shiro Tagachi, which drove Canthan citizens out of their homes areas along the fringes of the empire, the city grew exponentially to account for the flood of refugees. Within a few years, Kaineng had became a disorderly mass of buildings stacked upon each other, ruined homes caused by battles between the Am Fah and Jade Brotherhood, and slums containing the poorest members of society.[1]

In 1396 CC, the residents of the Courthouse Square successfully petitioned the Celestial Ministry to rename their district to Vizunah Square, in honor of the assassin Vizu, who helped to slay Shiro.[2] Following suit, in 1406 CC (896 AE), the central district, often referred to as Old Kaineng at the time, was renamed to Kaineng Center by Emperor Hanjai.[3]

Guild Wars Factions[edit]

During this period the City of Kaineng had criminal gangs that fought for the territory and it was disputed between the Am Fah and the Jade Brotherhood, that is when in the year 1582 C.C. (1072 AE) Shiro Tagachi now returned as an envoy, to guide souls to the underworld, instead bringing with him the Afflicted, which turned victims of the disease into violent creatures and bound souls against him. their will in constructions called Shiro'ken to create an army, the purpose was to kill Emperor Kisu and thus return to life, in that a group of heroes arrived, for that they had to pass tests such as ascension or called Weh No Su, they even had to seek help from the Luxons and Kurzicks, and these two put aside their differences to join a common enemy, once all reunited they were able to defeat Shiro Tagachi in the Palace of Raisu, and the envoys petrified his body, taking his soul to a place in the underworld where he would be imprisoned.

Winds of Change[edit]

Years after Shiro Tagachi's defeat, the city was still overrun with the Afflicted, and the Celestial Ministry did not have the manpower to eradicate the problem. Dissatisfied with their leadership Reiko founded the Ministry of Purity to eradicate and cleanse Cantha of the Afflicted. By recruiting scores of disillusioned canthans, the Ministry of Purity began to gain a stranglehold on the region, and established themselves as a powerful force with the backing of the people. After cleansing the streets of the afflicted, the ministry became more and more radical, and decided that simply eradicating the afflicted wasn't enough - they proceeded to take down the various gangs of kaineng, and eventually sought to expell all non-canthans from the city. The group of heroes who defeated Shiro Tagachi initially assisted the ministry with the afflicted, but it was at this point that they and their new friend Miku decided the Ministry of Purity had to be stopped, and assassinated Reiko, throwing the organization into chaos.

The Zhaitan Disaster[edit]

The City of Kaineng was destroyed about 100 years ago by the awakening of the Elder Dragon Zhaitan, which caused a massive tidal wave that wiped out most of the old Kaineng and transformed many Canthans into Risen, who currently occupy this location. Rather than kill all of these now unchained Risen, Cantha attempted to contain them within the old city, though they occasionally cause trouble. Although the place now looms with danger, there are still many people who venture here, in search of history and lost treasures.

Geography and climate[edit]

It is unknown what the region was like before its urbanization, except that it has a coastline facing the Unending Ocean and is north of the continent of Cantha. Currently bordering New Kaineng City to the south and the Great Turtle Highlands to the east.

Before the Zhaitan Disaster, the region was a megalopolis that had certain areas, where the wealthiest people or the aristocracy could live in the Kaineng Center, where the houses and their architecture were distinguished, while the majority used to live in the parts far from the center, where they had houses on top of each other, they had alleys where people could walk. Just like there were sewers under the city, where they were inhabited by the kappas or bandits like the Am Fah.

It had bazaars and markets, where people carried out the commercialization of various products that were sold, as well as a dock where various products were exported or imported and where foreigners arrived on the continent. There was also the seat of power the Raisu Palace and a place of worship to the Six Human Gods the Tahnnakai Temple, as well as where they worshiped to their great heroes.

With the awakening of the Elder Dragon Zhaitan, he caused a great tsunami that devastated the great city, leaving it largely submerged, destroyed, littered with ruins, and plagued by risen.





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