Steamspur Bay

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Steamspur Bay is a body of water east of the Steamspur Mountains. It connects to the Deldrimor Front in the north and borders the colder northwestern areas of the Crystal Desert while leading down to the Scavenger's Causeway in the south.

The Labyrinthine Cliffs found on the bay's shoreline have hosted the Bazaar of the Four Winds where many fortune seekers, smugglers and merchants often gather to trade goods, subsequently earning the region a dangerous reputation. The Zephyr Sanctum visited the bazaar in 1326 and 1327 AE.[1] The Pact Commander traveled aboard the Phoenix Dawn across Steamspur Bay to reach the Free City of Amnoon in 1330 AE. Following the revival of the Festival of the Four Winds, the bay has seen visitors arrive from as remote locations as Dajkah[2] and the Heart of Maguuma.[3]




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    Captain Ellen Kiel: No kidding? I've heard the bazaar can be dangerous.
    Magnus the Bloody Handed: And delightful. But, I mention it to you for a reason. The council has failed numerous times to acquire a trade agreement with the sanctum.
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