Bear Lodge

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Bear Lodge

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Map of Bear Lodge

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Location within Hoelbrak

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Bear Lodge

The projection of Bear that appears over the Bear Lodge.

The Bear Lodge is a lodge in Hoelbrak dedicated to the spirit of Bear.


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Bear Waypoint —
Points of Interest
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Bear Hallow
Bear Lodge Vista —
Run northeast from Wolf Waypoint. Jump on to the piece of rock that sticks out over the rear of the bear statue. From there jump on to the bear statue, and the rest is left as an exercise for the reader.





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Friesson's Assistants

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Outside the Bear Lodge
Kyril Stansturm: What does this mean? It's so bright and vivid. It's so beautiful.
Kyril Stansturm: (laugh) It's so intense.
Eran Kryfjord: Ah, that broodmother took a chunk out of you, didn't she?
Urth: So, little brother, what shall we do for fun today?
Skald: Urth, you're only older by minutes. Why do you continue to call me "little brother"?
Urth: Because it always rubs you the wrong way.
Urth: Skuld, could you lift the stone carving of Bear mounted inside Bear Hall?
Skald: That's nothing, Urth. I could lift that with one arm. Sometimes I doubt we shared the same womb.
Skald: So Urth, what is the challenge today? Juggling bears?
Urth: Don't be silly, my challenge for you today is simple. Keep your mouth shut.
Skald: Agh. What does that have to do with strength sister?
Urth: Nothing. And I win.
Skald: You're as cold as the heart of the shiverpeaks.
Urth: Oh my heart has been wounded by such cold, cruel truth!
Skald: Urth, how could you possibly think you can lift that statue?
Urth: It is simple leverage. With the right angle and a long enough plank. I could do it.
Local: It's a good night to hunt.
Hunter: Isn't that every night?
Local: Well yeah, thats why what I said is true.
Bear Shaman: Welcome to the shrine, Bear's daughter. How are you?
Petitioner: My children are happy and healthy. My family prospers.
Bear Shaman: Then commune with Bear, my child. May her blessings be upon you.
Bear Shaman: You are hurt child. What troubles you?
Petitioner: I have survived the depths of the wilderniss. The frost almost killed me. But I have returned.
Bear Shaman: Bear sustains you. You have her strength. Commune at the shrine and be renewed.
Hunter (1): Come hunting with me sometime.
Hunter (2): I hunt better alone.
Hunter (1): (sigh) Fine. Just remember: it's not always about what you want.
Local (1): She walked out of here a month ago. I don't know if she's coming back.
Local (2): If she's not here by the spring moot, I think you should move on.
Local (1): It's a tough choice. I could always go look for her.
Local (2): That depends on whether she wants to be found.
Ana Feldarken: Those filthy moles! Polluting Hoelbrak with their stench and grime.
Traveler (1): They're making more ale. They need more grain.
Traveler (2): Next caravan, we'll make a killing.
Artist: I'm going bear hunting soon. You can use the hide for so many things.
Elder: You don't want the meat?
Artist: Of course I do! I'm not a wastrel.
Inside the Bear Lodge
Shaman Ursel: Why have you come to Bear's lodge, my friend?
Bann: I need Bear's counsel, shaman. I face an enemy that I seem unable to defeat.
Shaman Ursel: I see. Will you tell everyone gathered about this enemy?
Bann: Yes, if it is Bear's will.
Shaman Ursel: All within range, listen, for I suspect this brave hunter has a tale we should all hear.
Shaman Ursel: Tell us about this enemy that has you so defeated.
Bann: (clears throat) I was out in the Borealis Forest, not far from here, and I came across an enraged broodmother.
Bann: I tracked it for a while. I was in a dominant position, until it caught my scent and attacked.
Bann: When the fight was over, the broodmother and its offspring lay dead, scattered in the underbrush.
Shaman Ursel: But... you said that you could not defeat your foe.
Bann: It's true. My enemy is not the broodmother or her ravenous kits.
Bann: My enemy is the wound I suffered during the fight. It can't be healed. I can't hunt. I can't do anything.
Bann: I'm less than half what I was, and I don't know how to overcome it.
Shaman Ursel: I understand your challenge, and Bear has a lesson that'll give you comfort, if you're ready to learn it.
Bann: I'm ready.
Shaman Ursel: Bear teaches us about the seasons. We have spring, winter, summer, and autumn.
Shaman Ursel: In the spring, the bears awaken, find mates, and form families. In summer, they teach their cubs to survive.
Shaman Ursel: In autumn, they hunt, and the forest belongs to them. In winter, THEY belong to the forest.
Shaman Ursel: In life, we also have seasons that we must respect. Your season has changed, but you're no less part of the forest.
Bann: I think I understand.
Shaman Ursel: Don't try to walk autumn's path in winter. Bear has given you a new mantle to wear and new challenges to overcome.
Local (1): By the Bear! I'm too damn agitated to focus.
Local (2): What's bothering you?
Local (1): Everything.
Local (2): Take a breath, look deep inside yourself, and talk to Bear. Then, listen.
Kid: My dad taught me how to throw an axe!
Traveler: Great. Why don't you try throwing it straight up? You have to stand right under it, so you can catch it
Kid: Hey? Lie down! I shot you. You're dead!
Kid: Come see! There's a charr insulting the speaker by Raven Hall. He's gonna get singed!
Dagar Friesson: Sample my "Brown Pinesoul" nut-brown ale, crafted with the best pale malts in the Shiverpeaks.
Dagar Friesson: Ha! One swig of my specially brewed "Dark Side" black ale, and you'll never find your senses again.
Local (1): My son has filled out hunting hall with trophies. I'm so proud.
Local (2): Only a matter of time before he finds a wife.
Local (1): My daughter's lived alone on that mountain for a year.
Local (2): If she's returning for the moot, I'm sure she'll have tales to tell.
Local: I went to my favorite tree and tried to tap the sap. But it was too cold.
Local: So I made this gigantic fire. And I'm sure you know what happened next.
Local (1): If only I could look inside Bear's head, see what she's thinking.
Local (2): Probably something like, "Hey! Get out of my head!"
Local (1): That's not funny.
Local: Bones of my ancestors! You and your boots. You lost them, you find them.
Local: Your achievements are nothing compared to mine!
Local: This is not as much fun as I thought.
Local: I've seen her sneaking out to the caves by Leopard Hall. I think she's been meeting with those corrupted Sons of Svanir.
Local: What? This is excellent for three minutes with a bucket of paint.
Local: If Bear and Wolf fought, who'd win?
Elder: That's like asking if the sun and the wind fought: it's a useless question.
Elder: I remember that day. It was when my grandson swung his first blade. Still brings tears to my eyes.
Elder: Senile nag-bag! You don't have half as many scars as I.
Kalla Ulfsdottyr: My dad lived and died a hunter. Now honor his bravery, and hear me tell his tales.
Kalla Ulfsdottyr: Come, hear me retell the legendary feats of Ulf Gulheim.
Local (1): ? [verification requested]
Local (2): What's there to wonder? I know what I like when I taste it. It's easy to find bad food.
Explorer: Of all the places I've visited, I like the Black Citadel the best. It austere.
Barkeep: The only cities I've seen are here and Lion's Arch.
Explorer: Lion's Arch? Ugh, that cesspit. I'd have Raven claw my eyes out before going back there.
Wolfborn (1): And what do you do?
Wolfborn (2): Whatever I want.
Wolfborn (1): Heh. Sounds like a fantasy.