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Disambig icon.png This article is about the norn deities. For the in-game book, see Spirits of the Wild (object).
From left to right: Wolf, Raven, Snow Leopard, and Bear.

The Spirits of the Wild are the norn's spirit guides. Unlike the Six Human Gods, these Spirits of the Wild do not represent broad-minded concepts like "war" or "nature," but instead embody all the complex virtues and vices of the animals they represent. Likewise, the Spirits are not worshiped in the traditional sense of the word, but rather revered. The Spirits of the Wild have always been around to guide the norn, and though they do not always offer their aid directly, they always aim to help—if they do nothing after being asked for help, then their help wasn't necessary. The Spirits also keep the norn in check, teaching them not to despoil the land and effectively become a balance to the norn's direct, quick-tempered natures.

Special norn shamans called havroun tend to the Spirits' needs and are capable of crossing over to the Mists at will without the use of portals (a technique known as spirit walk), to join their respective Spirit. Every norn can become a shaman of a certain Spirit, but only one norn can become havroun of one Spirit.

When Jormag first awoke, the norn initially fought the Elder Dragon and would have risked their own extinction, but the Spirits of the Wild prevented them from doing so; the most highly regarded spirits, oft called the "Great Spirits"—Bear, Raven, Snow Leopard and Wolf—led the norn exodus, guiding the norn south from the Far Shiverpeaks to the place now known as Hoelbrak in the Shiverpeak Mountains. Four other spirits—Dolyak, Owl, Wolverine, and Eagle—battled Jormag in order to give the norn time to move south. Owl was confirmed dead by its havroun. However, because the other three spirits have not had a havroun to communicate with them for generations, their status is currently unknown. Other lesser Spirits of the Wild exist as well, such as Minotaur, Hare, and other Spirits are rarely mentioned, such as Otter, Gorilla, Griffon, and Wurm.

The norn have the ability to shapeshift, adopting the form of the animal after the Spirit they revere. While transformed, the norn become closer to the Spirit of the form they take and understand the power of the wild.

Some spirits exist which are considered unworthy of reverence; the norn acknowledge the existence of other naturalistic forces, such as Mountain, Seasons, Fire and Darkness. These spirits are not sentient and are depicted as challenges for the norn to overcome.

The Sons of Svanir regard Jormag as the greatest Spirit of the Wild and refer to it as "Dragon," but it is not truly a spirit.

Known spirits[edit]

Great Spirits
Other Spirits


  • The masteries of The Icebrood Saga will be focused on learning about the history of the Spirits of the Wild. The first mastery to be introduced will be inspired by Raven. [1]

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