Romke's Horn

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Romke's Horn

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Romke's Horn (sealed).jpg

Romke's Horn during Means to an End.

Yet the horn saved us and defeated the Sons. If it were a norn, we would say that it fought and died well. And we would celebrate that norn's legacy. What's important is what we take away. I can be obsessed about the pieces on the ground or be inspired by the legacy. I choose inspiration.

The Slayer of Issormir

The Horn of Resounding,[1] often referred to simply as Romke's Horn, is a powerful horn granted to the famous norn explorer Romke by the kodan. It was wagered away by his descendant and corrupted by the Son of Svanir Varg. With the choice made by the descendant with the counsel of Eir Stegalkin and Followed by Night, it was either destroyed through a kodan ritual or at the hands of a group of Sons of Svanir.

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  1. ^ Among the Kodan
    Followed by Night: The dredge to the south ravage the land. Their mine director calls himself "The Overminer." Kill him and bring me proof of his death. In return, I will tell you all I know of the Horn of Resounding.