Drive off the dredge from Korakatt's Hall

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Drive off the dredge from Korakatt's Hall

Interactive map

Interactive map

Drive off the dredge from Korakatt's Hall is a level 26 dynamic event that occurs in The Thunderhorns.


  • Dredge morale: x%
  • Road block increases dredge morale and dredge are harder to break.
  • Road Block
  • Event bar.jpg Event swords (tango icon).png


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 1,096 Experience.png 135 Karma.png 31 Copper coin
Silver 931 Experience.png 115 Karma.png 27 Copper coin
Bronze 822 Experience.png 102 Karma.png 24 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 26 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





Once Apprentice Chef Lorela arrives:

Chef Halgirr Bloodcleaver: About time you returned. I have hungry patrons waiting.
Farbjorn: Ha, and I'm one of them.
Apprentice Chef Lorela: Here you go, Chef. Griffon eggs. Still warm from the nest.
Chef Halgirr Bloodcleaver: Huh. Not bad, Lorela. Devotion like that and—
Chef Halgirr Bloodcleaver: Wolf's ears! Did you hear that?
Chef Halgirr Bloodcleaver: All right, moles. What is it? I know you ain't here for a meal.
Dredge Resonator: These lands belong to the people, and your minions killed good dredge. You will either leave or die.
Chef Halgirr Bloodcleaver: Yeah, look at me being all heartbroken. Leave before I scramble your eggs.
Apprentice Chef Lorela: Chef, I'll handle this. You don't own the griffons or their eggs, and your people tried to kill me first.
Farbjorn: Ah, I smell a fight brewing.
Dredge Resonator: Decadent, murderous girl. We will take your blood as payment for your hostility!
Chef Halgirr Bloodcleaver: No one threatens Lorela but me. You want her, you'll have to go through me first.
Apprentice Chef Lorela: You think I'm scared of you? You haven't met my boss!

After driving off the dredge:

Apprentice Chef Lorela: Ha! And don't come back!
Chef Halgirr Bloodcleaver: I'm proud of you, Lorela. You got the ingredients, saved the bridge, and drove out violent customers.
Apprentice Chef Lorela: Thanks, Chef. Did you go through this when you were being trained?
Chef Halgirr Bloodcleaver: There was more screaming, more blood. One time, my master made me fight a troll so I could earn my cleaver.
Farbjorn: Enough talk. More omelettes.
Chef Halgirr Bloodcleaver: Yes! Griffon omelettes for everyone!