Honor the Spirit of Wolf

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Honor the Spirit of Wolf

Outcast's Cleft
(Wayfarer Foothills)
Renown NPC
Shaman Vigmarr
Shaman Vigmarr thanks you.
Scout (map icon).png Scout 
375 Experience.png
105 Karma.png
52 Copper coin

Interactive map

Commune with sacred wolves to start a pack hunt, defeat Sons of Svanir, wreck Svanir camps and banners, and free wolf pups.

— Heart objective

Contributing actions[edit]

  • Kill Sons of Svanir. — 3% heart progress
  • Commune with a Sacred Wolf and escort its pack around the area. — 1% heart progress every three seconds while inside the blue circle
  • Destroy Dragon Banners. — 6% heart progress
  • Open Wolf Cages. — 7% heart progress

Contributing events[edit]

Completion mail[edit]


Shaman Vigmarr

Praise from the Pack

Greetings, <Character name>. You have pleased Wolf with your fierce determination and the help you have given his pack. Come visit the shrine soon. Wolf has many fraternal gifts to offer you.

—Shaman Vigmarr, Wolf Shaman

52 Copper coin