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Disambig icon.png This article is about the norn shamans interpreting the Spirits of the Wild. For the Canthan organization, see Speakers.

The Speakers of Hoelbrak are powerful and dedicated norn shamans. There are only four Speakers, one for each major Spirit of the Wild. They tend the lodges in Hoelbrak for their patron Spirit.

Norn become Speakers for different reasons. Some start feeling a strong connection to a Spirit, they start their training and, eventually, the Spirit itself talks to them and appoints them as their Speaker. Others are aided by the Spirit during times of great peril, and they turn their devotion to them. And others are found to have a strong connection to the Spirit since they are born, and are trained to become the Speaker for said Spirit. In these last two cases, it is unknown if the Spirit does actually appoint them as their rightful Speaker, but they successfully perform the duties of Speaker nonetheless.

Only the four Great Spirits are known to have a Speaker. It appears that the only requisite for becoming a Speaker is having a strong connection to a Spirit.

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