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Disambig icon.png This article is about the NPCs that sell weapons. For the crafting discipline, see Weaponsmith.
Weaponsmith icon.

Weaponsmiths are NPC vendors that sell Basic weapons in exchange for coin, and have "[Weaponsmith]" as a suffix to their names. All weapons sold by these weaponsmiths share the same skins, attribute bonuses, power levels, and costs. That is to say that, within the required level to equip, the weapons are identical regardless of which NPC they are purchased from. The tables below illustrate which items are available from these vendors, and the costs associated with them. All pieces come with an Upgrade Slot.png unused upgrade slot.

Weaponsmiths can be useful for low-level characters, as a very fast way to acquire a range of weapons to learn skills.

Comparison to crafted weapons[edit]

Weapons sold by these NPC vendors have less strength and lower attribute bonuses than crafted weapons of the same level (approximately 20% less average strength and 20-30% lower attribute bonuses compared to the crafted equivalent, through 20 levels).

Price by level[edit]

Level One-handed Weapon Price Two-Handed Weapons Price
5 40 Copper coin 64 Copper coin
10 64 Copper coin 96 Copper coin
15 80 Copper coin Silver coin 20 Copper coin
20 96 Copper coin Silver coin 44 Copper coin
25 Silver coin 12 Copper coin Silver coin 68 Copper coin
30 Silver coin 28 Copper coin Silver coin 92 Copper coin
35 Silver coin 36 Copper coin Silver coin 8 Copper coin
40 Silver coin 52 Copper coin Silver coin 32 Copper coin
45 Silver coin 68 Copper coin Silver coin 48 Copper coin
50 Silver coin 84 Copper coin Silver coin 72 Copper coin
55 Silver coin 92 Copper coin Silver coin 88 Copper coin
60 Silver coin 8 Copper coin Silver coin 12 Copper coin
65 Silver coin 24 Copper coin Silver coin 36 Copper coin
70 Silver coin 40 Copper coin Silver coin 60 Copper coin
75 Silver coin 48 Copper coin Silver coin 76 Copper coin
80 Silver coin 64 Copper coin Silver coin