The Foundation Stones

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The Foundation Stones

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Map of The Foundation Stones

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The Foundation Stones is a small area in the northeastern portion of Timberline Falls. It is home to an Order of Whispers camp, where the agents deal with dredge to the north and grawl to the south.

Getting there[edit]

Use the path on the north side of the lake in Guilty Tears.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (map icon).png Foundation 86 Waypoint —
Personal waypoint (map icon).png Foundation 86






Ambient creatures



Ambient dialogue[edit]

At Foundation 86
Scholar Karl: No culture is as paranoid nor as isolationist as the dredge.
Jakynn: In my opinion, both those things mean they’re up to no good.
Scholar Karl: I've been studying them from afar for some time. I can tell you what you want to know about them.
Jakynn: Except what happens in their inner sanctums. That's what I plan to discover.
Lightbringer (1): How do you plan to get stationed in Divinity's Reach?
Lightbringer (2): By being exceptional at what I do.
Lightbringer (1): Where do you think they'll send us next?
Lightbringer (2): We've got a shortage of information on the hylek. My guess is they'll send us there.
Lightbringer (1): When do you want to make the rounds to our informants?
Lightbringer (2): We’ll leave tomorrow. I have some personal business to finish up today.
Lightbringer (1): Personal business?
Lightbringer (2): Yeah, and don't even think about sticking your nose in it.
Lightbringer (1): That sounds like a challenge to me.
Lightbringer (2): (growl)