Earthshake Basin

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Earthshake Basin

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Earthshake Basin map.jpg
Map of Earthshake Basin

Earthshake Basin locator.svg
Location within Frostgorge Sound


Earthshake Basin.jpg

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Earthshake Basin is an area located in eastern side of Frostgorge Sound. A large camp was established here by the Pact in order to face off against the Claws of Jormag, fearsome champions of the Elder Dragon Jormag.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (map icon).png Earthshake Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Elder's Vale
Vista (map icon).png Earthshake Basin Vista —
From the waypoint, proceed directly toward the vista.
Follow the trail to the right around the hill to gun emplacement.
Look up to vista, follow groove in side of hill.





Weaponsmith (map icon).png Creden (73)
Armorsmith (map icon).png Honorable Paw
Reinforce Armor (map icon).png Pinja
Armorsmith (map icon).png Stubb (73)


Ambient creatures

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Commander Vik Tailbiter: Will your villages send warriors?
Quaggan Emissary: Quaggan is here to do what quaggan can.
Commander Vik Tailbiter: Huh! I didn't realize you were a warrior.
Quaggan Emissary: Are you here to save your people, too?
Hunting by Moonlight: I'm here to execute Koda's will. If anything, little wise one, our arrival will save you and everyone else.
Quaggan Emissary: Does not understand, but quaggan likes you anyway.
Priory Arcanist: I'm interested in how this Koda spirit guides you.
Hunting by Moonlight: It may take several lifetimes before you start understanding. We are as close to divinity as you can get without transcending from this world.
Priory Arcanist: Divinity? Really?
Hunting by Moonlight: Our leaders, Claw and Voice, are intertwined. One is the body, one the spirit. We need both to absorb Koda's will.
Pact Crusader: Those huge ships that the kodan have are magnificent. It's almost enough to make me learn shipbuilding.
Priory Scribe: And where would you sail? Look at how much trouble they're in, even with their floating fortresses.
Pact Crusader: Ah, this trouble won't last forever.
Priory Scribe: Our lives pass quickly, and though the Eternal Alchemy can wait for more peaceful times, we cannot.
Priory Scribe: Well, geologically speaking, the water is new to the area. This used to be mountains.
Pact Crusader: I spit on your "geolocistical." The world doesn't change like that.
Priory Scribe: Dwarves? Mines? Shiverpeaks? History? Do you know nothing?
Pact Crusader: Relax. Our storytellers say the same thing. I'm just bored. And you're endlessly entertaining.
Priory Scribe: Too damn cold.
Pact Crusader: Deal with it, you sniveling snotbag. You're like a weak little sapling in the middle of a powerful forest of towering trees that can smash you with just one branch.
Priory Scribe: You went on too long there. You could've just said "deal with it" and I would've gotten the message.
Whispers Lightbringer: Do the kodan make you nervous?
Pact Crusader: Nervous? (laugh)
Pact Crusader: Only if they refuse some good-natured sparring. Then I'd wonder about 'em.
Vigil Quartermaster: There are many in the legions who still hate those like me.
Whispers Lightbringer: Like you?
Vigil Quartermaster: Lion's Arch charr. Apparently, we're not traditional enough. Or violent enough.
Whispers Lightbringer: Ridiculous!

Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png Mithril Ore
Mine resource (map icon).png Orichalcum Ore
Wood resource (map icon).png Ancient Sapling
Wood resource (map icon).png Cypress Sapling
Plant resource (map icon).png Leeks
Plant resource (map icon).png Winter Root Vegetables
Plant resource (map icon).png Snow Truffle