Evan Fleshgore

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Evan Fleshgore is a weaponsmith found at the Hall of Memories.


Heart of the Mists

Items offered[edit]

All of the items sold by this NPC have different costs depending on the character's level. They are as follows:

Level One-handed weapon Two-Handed weapon
2 - 5 40 Copper coin 64 Copper coin
10 64 Copper coin 96 Copper coin
15 80 Copper coin Silver coin 20 Copper coin
20 96 Copper coin Silver coin 44 Copper coin
25 Silver coin 12 Copper coin Silver coin 68 Copper coin
30 Silver coin 28 Copper coin Silver coin 92 Copper coin
35 Silver coin 36 Copper coin Silver coin 8 Copper coin
40 Silver coin 52 Copper coin Silver coin 32 Copper coin
45 Silver coin 68 Copper coin Silver coin 48 Copper coin
50 Silver coin 84 Copper coin Silver coin 72 Copper coin
55 Silver coin 92 Copper coin Silver coin 88 Copper coin
60 Silver coin 8 Copper coin Silver coin 12 Copper coin
65 Silver coin 24 Copper coin Silver coin 36 Copper coin
70 Silver coin 40 Copper coin Silver coin 60 Copper coin
75 Silver coin 48 Copper coin Silver coin 76 Copper coin
80 Silver coin 64 Copper coin Silver coin

One handed[edit]

Two handed[edit]


As the weapons vendor, I offer you many fine weapons. I can also teach you about sigils that augment your weapons.
Talk more option tango.png Tell me more about these sigils.
Sigils can only be used in weapons. One may be placed in a one-handed weapon while two may be placed in two-handed weapon. Simply go to the PvP builder and click the weapon sigil field to bring up all available sigils. Select a sigil of your choice on the left side of the selection window to apply it to your weapon.
Talk more option tango.png I see, and what else ?
You may change sigils as often as you like for no cost. However, there are new sigils that do cost gold, which can be purchased right on the PvP build quick-launch.
Talk more option tango.png Thanks for that. (resets the dialogue)
Talk Merchant.png Let me see your wares.
Talk end option tango.png No, thanks. I think I'll be going.


  • As with all gear, items sold by Evan Fleshgore will function as level 80 exotic-quality items while in PvP, but will function as their actual quality and level while in PvE.