Western Ward

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the modern area. For the original version, see Western Ward (Memory of Old Lion's Arch). For historical information about the area, see Western Ward/historical.

Western Ward

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Western Ward map.jpg
Map of Western Ward

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The Western Ward is one of the residential districts of Lion's Arch. After the attack on the city, the Mystic Forge was moved from there, along with all the crafting stations, to Trader's Forum.


Waypoint (map icon).png Sanctum Harbor Waypoint —
Waypoint (map icon).png Western Ward Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Crow's Nest Tavern
Point of interest (map icon).png The Free Market
Vista (map icon).png Western Ward Vista —
  1. Start at the Western Ward Waypoint.
  2. Head east to the house on the hill.
  3. Jump to the house to the west over rock.
  4. Jump back onto the house to get the vista.
Vista (map icon).png Crow's Nest Tavern Vista —
  1. Head up to Crow's Nest Tavern.
  2. Jump onto the sail closest to the stairs.
  3. Walk across the rope with hanging lanterns to get to the vista.
Personal waypoint (map icon).png Trader Jikk's





Merchant (vendor icon).png Asmund
Weaponsmith (map icon).png Bess
Armorsmith (map icon).png Black Davi
Armorsmith (map icon).png Derrack
Karma Merchant (map icon).png Elebor
Reinforce Armor (map icon).png Gommtoo
Merchant (vendor icon).png Gullveig the Grim
Merchant (vendor icon).png Ooonuuu
Belcher's Bluff (map icon).png Poyaqui
Merchant (vendor icon).png Salty Emil
HoMPS merchant (map icon).png Scornheart
Speed Boon.png Skritt Forager [Speed Boons]
Merchant (vendor icon).png Toskra


Ambient dialogue[edit]

For previous dialogue, see here.

Lionguard Captain: Are you trying to commit arson? Look around you.
Welder: Is it my fault those idiots piled up all this timber around me?
Lionguard Captain: Just watch where—
Child: Oh. Hey there, little buddy.
Child: Are you hungry? I have some moa jerky...
Child: (giggle) You're fun!
(Child runs to his mother. Buddy follows him.)
Child: Ma! Ma! Can we keep it?
Citizen: Keep wh—
Citizen: Son, I want you to slowly come over here and stand behind me.
Child: Aw, Ma... It followed me home!
Citizen: Do as I say. Just...move slowly and don't make any sudden movements, okay?
(Mother chases Buddy away with a broom.)
Citizen: Yaaaaaaa!
Information Peddler: Big meeting under the claws. There was a tale of skritt making a ship, uh, somewhere
Information Seeker: Ooh! Treasure ship? Shinies, maybe?
Information Peddler: Maybe, yes. Something about a wizard skritt? and...a flood?
Information Seeker: I want to hear more. Get me invited to that meeting!
Information Peddler: Shhh! Okay, okay. I'll try.
Adventurer (1): Got any plans tonight?
Adventurer (2): Yeah, I'm meeting my guild later.
Adventurer (1): Really? Are you gonna fight in the arena?
Adventurer (2): No, we mostly fight with each other. You know how it goes.
Citizen (1): These bars keep running out of ale!
Citizen (2): They will remember the norn.
Patron (asura): Are you a master mixologist? Can you mix me up a Sparkfly Fenblaster?
Bartender (norn): I'm a bartender. I serve liquor, not swamp water.
Patron (asura): My order is indeed an alcoholic beverage. Shall I show you how to mix it?
Bartender (norn): Take one step behind my bar, and I'll give you a Hoelbrak Hammer.
Bartender (human): Remember Yakkington?
Patron: Yeah?
Bartender (human): When I went to the bazaar, I saw a dolyak for sale, descended directly from the professor himself!
Patron: Oh, that would be amazing.
Citizen (male): You look great. You got any plans later?
Citizen (female): They don't involve you.
Citizen (male): [walks away and cries alone]
Citizen (1): I've never felt more at home anywhere else outside the Grove.
Citizen (2): Why is that, do you think?
Citizen (1: I don't know. Maybe the sea air. Perhaps the spirit of cooperation.
Traveler: This isn't a good time.
Captain Ellen Kiel: Wish I had time to oversee the retrofit of the Havoc's Heir, over at Lion's Arch Aerodrome.
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: Aye.
Captain Ellen Kiel: If I could ever get away for a few minutes, I'd love to take a walk and see what's going on down at Lion's Court.
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: Politics! (grumble)
Captain Ellen Kiel: I've got some asuran stargazer asking me if I can "do something about the light pollution from Phoenix Roost."
Magnus the Bloody Handed: Haha! Hilarious. (laugh)
Captain Ellen Kiel: I mean, that torch is supposed to light the harbor up. That's the idea!
Captain Ellen Kiel: It was nice of them to name this quarter after the commodore.
Magnus the Bloody Handed: Hmm.
Captain Ellen Kiel: Please tell me we have customs inspectors down at the docks by now.
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: I've done what little I can, but you know our ranks are worn thin.
Captain Ellen Kiel: I don't care how you do it, but we need that port secured.
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: (sigh) I'm on your side, Ellen. Just give us time—we'll get things shipshape.
At night on the beach
Skritt appear on the beach near the water entrance to Trader Jikk's.
Skritt (male): Okay, okay. Let's begin. Who has a tale to share with us?
Skritt (female): Oh, I do! I heard skritt are building a ship, way out in the wastes.
Skritt (male): Hold on. When were you out in the wastes?
Skritt (female): I brought ale to a soldier. She told me they found a big scratch out west, where our people are building a ship.
Skritt (female): She said the scratch has a storm wizard who will call down a flood so they can all sail away.
Skritt (male): This is big, if it's true. Thank you.
Skritt (male): If there are no more tales, then let us adjourn for now. Be safe.
All the skritt disappear under sand.
After Path of Fire launch
Refugee (1): No, Balthazar is there to lead his army against Kralkatorrik's Branded. Dragon minions are the real threat.
Refugee (2): We were keeping that threat in check. Balthazar's invasion made everything worse.
Refugee (1): The Pact proved Elder Dragons can be killed. Balthazar is taking up that challenge. He's finally answering our prayers.
Refugee (2): Who prayed to be invaded? As far as I'm concerned, Balthazar's armored horrors are worse than the branded.
Refugee (2): They raid, ransack, and pillage. When they're not burning villages, they're starting battles in them.
Refugee (1): War demands sacrifice; victory, even more so. Balthazar understands that and doesn't shirk from it.
Refugee (2): If you think Balthazar's war is so necessary, then why didn't you stay to help him fight it?
Refugee (3): Amnoon was always kind of shady, but now it's out of control.
Refugee (4): The port wasn't built to cope with that many desperate people flooding in at once.
Refugee (4): It's disgusting. The crime lords and the council are probably getting rich while all those people suffer and die.
Refugee (3): Maybe Lion's Arch can help-they let us in. If they deliver aid, there may be hope.
Refugee (5): Did you just arrive? It's been days since we heard any news. What's it like back home?
Refugee (6): Bad. I'm just glad I got out. How did you manage?
Refugee (5): Our families sold everything to secure passage on a corsair ship. It was only enough for two berths.
Refugee (6): You're lucky the pirates kept their end of the bargain. I stowed away on a smuggler's skiff out of Amnoon.
Refugee (6): She found me, but she was Elonian, so she didn't toss me overboard.
Refugee (6): She took me out into the Sea of Sorrows and flagged down a Pact ship. A vigil frigate brought me the rest of the way.
Refugee (7): The Branded were always a threat, but we could handle them. At least until Kralkatorrik moved and they followed.
Refugee (7): No food, no water. We lost more people on the trek through the desert than we did in the attack.
Refugee (8): But some of you survived. If you'd stayed and fought, you'd all be dead.
Refugee (9): The Branded started moving, then Balthazar showed up with his army. That's two hostile forces right on Joko's doorstep.
Refugee (9): Why won't Joko respond?
Refugee (10): He doesn't think like we do. He's undead, and immortal. Insane.
Refugee (10): He probably let all those people die so he'd have a fresh batch of corpses for his army.