Balthazar High Road

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Balthazar High Road

Balthazar High Road map.jpg
Map of Balthazar High Road

Balthazar High Road locator.svg
Location within Divinity's Reach


Balthazar High Road.jpg

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The Balthazar High Road is a pathway that leads to the Plaza of Balthazar. It is located between the Ossan Quarter and the The Great Collapse.





Armorsmith (map icon).png Andrianna
Merchant (vendor icon).png Jaakan the Butcher
Weaponsmith (map icon).png Kiran

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Citizen (1): Guess who's in town? More charr. And another charr mercenary howling threats at everyone.
Citizen (2): I'm sick of this crap. The charr want to fight on the battlefield, fine. I don't want 'em fightin' in the streets.
Citizen (1): I lost friends to the charr. We don't need bloodshed in the city.
Citizen (2): Hey, if that mercenary wants to start trouble, he'll get it. We'll shed some blood, all right.
Citizen (1): When I was a kid, the worst we ever did was tip cattle.
Citizen (2): Heh. When I was a kid, we never had cattle. We didn't even have pigs.
Citizen (1): It wasn't like it is now, with all the killing. Disgraceful.