Chokevine Gorge

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Chokevine Gorge

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Chokevine Gorge map.jpg
Map of Chokevine Gorge

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Location within Sparkfly Fen

Chokevine Gorge.jpg
Chokevine Gorge

The Chokevine Gorge is an area within Sparkfly Fen. This densely forested canyon is constantly traveled through by Risen forces trying to breach the eastern defenses at the sylvari outpost Caer Brier. At the western entrance is an asuran research facility, the United Arcanist Lab.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Renown Hearts
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Help Brannen maintain Caer Brier (64)
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Help Kamma test her experimental weapon (65)
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Caer Brier Waypoint —
Points of Interest
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United Arcanist Lab
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Caer Brier





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Brannen (64)
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Dulla (63)
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Kamma (65)
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Taillte (63)
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Zort (65)


Ambient creatures

Ambient dialogue[edit]

At the United Arcanist Lab
Trinaa: I'm not sure the liquification weapon is functioning properly.
Attendant: Does it cause test subjects to dissolve and disperse into solution?
Trinaa: Yes, but it's not killing them. What's left in the vats is...disturbing.
Attendant: Boil off the excess liquid and start again. We need results we can use.
Attendant: The submerged section is truly a marvel, isn't it?
Vepp: Indeed. The view is nearly ruined, however, by the undead scrathing at the glass.
Attendant: I don't like working so close to those Inquest troglodytes.
Vepp: Don't fret, my dear. They're easily managed.
Attendant: Everything I've heard says they're dangerous lunatics.
Vepp: Hardly. Allow them their illusions of secrecy, and you can steal all sorts of progress.
Vepp: The krait are taking slaves? Pah! As if they were fit to be masters.
Trinaa: Indeed. Civilized societies don't take slaves, they build them.
Vepp: Half its foundations underwater... this place is blashpemous!
Trinaa: Don't be ridiculous. The advantages to submerged construction are-
Vepp: Advantages? It's unstable! Built on currents and eddies!
Trinaa: You'd prefer one built on fault lines and sinkholes?
Vepp: Have you the latest results?
Attendant: The hylek poison mines show promise, but the crucial ingrediant is growing scarce.
Vepp: And the stealth golem submersible?
Attendant: Not viable, I'm afraid. It functions, but aquatic creatures hear it coming.
Attendant: The krait refuse to respond to our diplomatic overtures. They remain extremely hostile.
Vepp: The nerve! Don't they know we do the snubbing around here?
At Caer Brier
Male Corpse Handler: I wish they wouldn't call us that.
Female Corpse Handler: What, mulch makers?
Male Corpse Handler: Corpse handlers. Though "mulch maker" is just as bad.
Male Corpse Handler: It's the dead with no names that bother me most.
Female Corpse Handler: Someone somewhere will remember them as they were before.


Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes