Supplymaster Trudi

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Supplymaster Trudi


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Supplymaster Trudi is a Seraph soldier and weaponsmith found in Heartwood Pass Camp. Once the camp has been cleared of any centaurs, she sells weapons taken from Tamini supply caches.


Event involvement[edit]

Event flag (tango icon).png
Hold Heartwood Pass Camp (10)

Items offered[edit]

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Modniir Wartorch.png Tamini Torch Torch CFine 9 1 Silver coin 12 Copper coin
Modniir Flatbow.png Tamini Longbow Longbow CFine 9 1 Silver coin 68 Copper coin
Modniir Stinger.png Tamini Short Bow Short bow CFine 9 1 Silver coin 68 Copper coin


The moment these centaurs are out of here. I'm going through their weapons cache. There's good stuff in there.
Talk end option tango.png


Following Hold Heartwood Pass Camp
Always have a backup weapon handy.