Hooligan's Route

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Hooligan's Route

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Hooligan's Route map.jpg
Map of Hooligan's Route

Hooligan's Route locator.svg
Location within Lion's Arch

The Undermarket.jpg
The Undermarket

Hooligan's Route is a cave located in northwest Lion's Arch, north of Western Ward. The Undermarket can be found within.


Points of Interest
Point of interest.png The Undermarket
Vista.png The Undermarket Vista —
From Western Ward Waypoint head towards the Undermarket. There are a series of stepped stalagmites sticking up from the ground. Jump to the highest stalagmite in series. Jump to the rocky platforms until you reach the vista. Note you don't actually need to jump onto the narrow vista stalagmite. If you creep forward as far as you can on the last large stalagmite then you can activate the vista from there.



Ambient creatures


Weaponsmith (map icon).png Frakktukk
Festival Vendor (map icon).png Festival Rewards Vendor (Festival Rewards)
Festival Vendor (map icon).png Festival Rewards Vendor (Fortune Scrap)
Halloween Vendor (map icon).png Festival Rewards Vendor (Halloween)
Lunar New Year Vendor.png Festival Rewards Vendor (Lunar New Year)
Event Wintersday.png Festival Rewards Vendor (Wintersday)
Dragon Bash.png Festival Rewards Vendor (Zhaitaffy)
Merchant (map icon).png Namrrokk
HoMPS merchant (map icon).png Sarettokk
Festival Vendor (map icon).png Sovereign Weapon Vendor
Armorsmith (map icon).png Uttorrchakk
Merchant (map icon).png Zotturrikk

Ambient dialogue[edit]

For previous dialogue, see Hooligan's Route/dialogue.

Ravious tending to his rats
Ravious: Here, take it!
Ravious: There you go!




  • Was originally named "New Town Center" in early maps of Lion's Arch.