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Valiants, also known as Valiants of the Wyld Hunt, are sylvari who have received a Wyld Hunt. Because Wyld Hunts can take a large number of forms, Valiants can be found across Tyria performing all sorts of jobs. Most commonly, Valiants set out to combat the Elder Dragons' minions, protect sylvari settlements in the Maguuma Jungle, or otherwise help defend and preserve the fauna and flora of nature.

Valiants will sometimes take on squires on their journeys to help either with equipment or the task themselves. This is sometimes viewed as a more personal and specialized (and often far more dangerous) teaching method compared to the sylvari's mentor-based class system found in and around the Grove, and is rarely allowed for saplings to partake in. Some sylvari become a squire for training, while others do so to learn from experience, or simply because they look up to those who are given a Wyld Hunt. On rare occasions, such as with Riannoc, Valiants may even take on non-sylvari as squires.

Known valiants[edit]