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Snargle Goldclaw

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Snargle Goldclaw


Lieutenant Goldclaw.jpg

Lieutenant Snargle Goldclaw in Lionguard armor.

To love is to want. To desire. And in spite of our differences, all Tyrians possess the appetite of desire. Love is indiscriminate in its numerous, splendorous forms. As an author, it is my duty to depict them all.

— Snargle Goldclaw

Lieutenant Snargle Goldclaw is a charr author of romance novels, many of which feature same-sex or interspecies relationships. He and his junior assistant Bonnie Kunderah have journeyed to the Eye of the North so Snargle can get rid of his writer's block and find inspiration for new novels. He views himself as the Ambassador of Love.


Living World Season 1[edit]

Up to The Battle for Lion's Arch, Snargle was a lieutenant of the Lionguard, under the command of Captain Magnus. In the aftermath of the attack and evacuation, Snargle resigned from his post, feeling "an emptiness and loss," and declaring his new path of becoming a writer.[1]

Living World Season 4[edit]

As a charr author, Snargle Goldclaw wanted to depict love in all its forms and to make his readers understand the sensual side of romance. He believed that writing such narratives granted his readers escape from everyday life and let them find a fleeting feeling of fulfillment. Many critics and some readers found Snargle's narratives controversial and pretentious because of his focus on interspecies relationships, extensive use of purple prose, and the characters often being thin allusions to actual Tyrian people. However, the works resonated in the hearts and minds of several other readers who eagerly consumed every Goldclaw novel they could get their hands on.

One of Snargle's early bestsellers was A Kralkatorrid Affair, which depicted the romance between a man and his Branded sweetheart, a hot and controversial topic due to the threat the reinvigorated Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik and his Branded horde were posing to the world at the time.

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

As Snargle's fame spread, Lord Faren became his notable patron. The charr author dedicated the novel The Passions of Faren to Faren for his support. One particular novel, The Ebonlocke Covenant, caused some controversy among Blood Legion authorities due to the novel depicting a thinly veiled Blood Imperator Bangar Ruinbringer stand-in having romantic feelings for the Iron Imperator Smodur the Unflinching.

In 1332 AE, Snargle and his junior assistant Bonnie Kunderah traveled to Bjora Marches in search of new topics for future novels. Bonnie acted as Snargle's chef, editor, and therapist, only coming along due to wanting to learn writing craft from him. She quickly learned that Snargle had little to teach her, and she grew increasingly frustrated due to being stuck with him.

While in Bjora Marches, Snargle fell under the influence of the Elder Dragon Jormag's whispers and got lost in the Far Shiverpeaks. Before he could suffer the fates of the whispers' other victims, Jormag's champion Drakkar was slain, which in turn returned Snargle and other surviving victims to their senses. However, the side effect from being influenced by the whispers left Snargle with writer's block much to his frustration. In order to stir his imagination, he decided to travel the world with Bonnie, and ended up at the Eye of the North where they met the Pact Commander in 1333 AE.

Snargle was immediately smitten by the Commander after they had been introduced to one another. He was delighted and impressed when the Commander revealed that they had collected each of Snargle's novels to inspire Snargle to get rid of his writer's block. In response, the charr author stated that he viewed the Commander as the champion of love and an inspiration to him and others. As a reward, Snargle gifted the first copy of his magnum opus, Commander of Your Heart, to the Commander where he alluded to his feelings for the famous hero. Reinvigorated with renewed inspiration, Snargle eventually published a new novel, More Than She Bergen For, which got several charr talking about its sensual content.[2]

End of Dragons[edit]

Kippo and Snargle argue about their different business views at Shing Jea Monastery.

Witnessing Snargle's growing fame, the asura Kippo, head of the Kippo and Monroe publishing house, smelled a business opportunity. He signed a contract with Snargle and began publishing the charr author's books. However, he did not care for Snargle's carefully constructed prose as he wanted to get to the "good stuff" of eroticism and smut to titillate readers and ensure controversy and big sales much to Snargle's frustration. Kippo learned of Bonnie, who had begun a career as an author after parting ways with Snargle, and took her under his wing too, delighting in witnessing how well her gritty SUPER ADVENTURE BOX: THE OFFICIAL NOVEL sold.

When Cantha opened its borders to Tyrian and Elonian visitors in 1335 AE following the Elder Dragon Aurene and the Pact Commander's arrival on its shores, Kippo seized the opportunity of expanding his business and traveled to Shing Jea Island alongside his promoted authors Bonnie and Snargle for a booksigning tour and urged Snargle to finish his latest novel for him as per their signed contract. While staying at Shing Jea Monastery, Kippo and Snargle got into an argument when Kippo wished Snargle to cut out a seemingly boring chapter from Destiny's Pledge in order to get to the titillating parts faster.

Realizing how fresh and rich the untapped Canthan market truly was, Kippo decided to send Bonnie to New Kaineng City and Snargle to the tengu of the Echovald Wilds to promote their works. Snargle was horrified by the thought of being sent to some remote forest, especially when losing a prime city location to his now authorial rival Bonnie. Kippo remained adamant, however, and threatened to send Snargle back to the Eye of the North on the first available airship if the charr did not comply.

The humiliated Snargle's ventures led him to Arborstone, an old Kurzick base of operations which the Commander had liberated from the invading Void horde. Upon meeting the Commander again, Snargle lamented his lot in life and how he felt his creative juices had been sucked dry. Witnessing Snargle's despair, the Commander decided to help him find his inner spark by bringing him mementos across Cantha after learning how the tengu author Ruki had suggested that Snargle should take inspiration from other artists. Having nothing else to do, Snargle went on a personal quest to explore the forest and was introduced to local cuisine and Canthans. The charr author found Detective Rama striking in particular and asked him to pose for the cover of his next novel although Rama declined the offer.

Snargle acquainting himself with Canthan culture and studying the art pieces that the Commander brought him made him begin to value character development and how crucial multidimensional characters would be to improve book narratives. He also found out that Canthan humans had warmed up to his works but the tengu still remained skeptical, so he began wondering how to titillate the tengu to market his novels to them as well. Snargle entered into talks with Xunlai Jade representatives and gave them some tips on how to utilize jade tech to accentuate the experiences of the flesh.

As time passed, Kippo visited Arborstone to check how Snargle was doing. He was furious how Snargle had been giving away copies of his books and spending time on a journey to rediscover himself instead of finishing his new novel as per their contract. Kippo gave Snargle an ultimatum: either the charr author finished his book, or he would be fired. Snargle poured his heart out to the Commander, lamenting the dilemma he was now facing: he would either have to subsume himself to the "fascism of the deadline" with subpar writing to please a superficial market but ensure a publisher for his works, or take his time to let his storytelling flourish but lose the publisher in the process and face an uncertain future as an author.

The troubled Snargle picked up Bonnie's novel and read it out of curiosity, finding himself enjoying her writing and the heart behind it even though he did not care for the violence depicted in the work. While Snargle had preferred to write the world as it should be with free love without prejudice, reading Bonnie's work had made him realize that there was room for books that warned people of what the world might become if they did not champion equality. Studying Canthan art had also made him consider the possibility of not just championing matters of the heart and the body but also take a more political stance as an author to enact change in the world with his writings and champion the downward trodden as well.

Once the Commander had brought Snargle many more art pieces to study, Bonnie heard about Kippo's ultimatum and decided to visit the charr author in Arborstone. When Snargle suggested that Bonnie would be happy to soon have one less writer to compete with, Bonnie pointed out that she did not want that but for Snargle to acknowledge how he had mistreated her. She had wanted him to be her mentor but instead he had treated her like his butler. Listening to Bonnie's passionate speech, Snargle realized that he had indeed taken Bonnie for granted and apologized to her. Thanks to Ruki's guidance, he had learned what being a true mentor should be like and how being a great writer involved more than just putting great words on a page. Snargle encouraged Bonnie to not squander her gift and let Kippo limit her talent; Bonnie agreed, wanting to write something on her own terms instead of being dictated by uncaring powers that be even if that meant being fired by Kippo as well. Moved by Bonnie pouring her heart out, Snargle offered her a place by his side as fellow struggling authors.

After the Commander and their allies had triumphed over the tormented Elder Dragon Soo-Won and the Void horde and saved the world from being destroyed, Snargle and Bonnie met the Commander again during the victory celebration at Arborstone and thanked them for inspiring them to embrace their true selves as self-respecting authors over selling out. He revealed that he and Bonnie were now working together as partners after being fired by Kippo, and that Goldclaw and Kunderah Publishing House would officially begin operation later that year. The charr author admitted, however, that the two were having a dispute over whose name should come first for their publishing house, but he assured the Commander that Bonnie would come to see the equity inherent in the Goldclaw name.[3]


Shiverpeak Mountains

Story involvement[edit]

Living World Season 1[edit]

End of Dragons story[edit]


Eye of the North[edit]

At first approach
Snargle Goldclaw: Greeting. I'm but a humble writer of romantic literature. Snargle Goldclaw, at your service.
Snargle Goldclaw: This is my junior assistant, Bonnie. Say hello, Bonnie.
Bonnie Kunderah: How long are we going to be here?
Snargle Goldclaw: (laugh) Bonnie... If there's anything we can do for you, don't hesitate to ask!
Greetings, avid reader! How can I be of assistance? Would you like me to sign a copy of my latest bestseller? Come to hear pearls of wisdom from Tyria's most infamous storyteller? Hm?
Talk collection option.png I've collected every one of your books.
Snargle Goldclaw: I am... I'm flattered! Such fortuitous timing. It just so happens I've recently completed my final masterpiece!
Snargle Goldclaw: Commander, I have a confession to make. From our very first encounter, I felt something special toward you.
Snargle Goldclaw: You are the protagonist I've been searching for my entire career. You are the champion of love.
Snargle Goldclaw: I'm honored to bestow upon you the first copy of my magnum opus.
Talk more option tango.png What are you doing here?
Snargle Goldclaw: The truth is a tad embarrassing, I'm afraid to say.
Snargle Goldclaw: Due to abrupt and catastrophic circumstances—and to the great disappointment of my fans—I never finished my last novel...
Bonnie Kunderah: Because you got lost in the Shiverpeaks chasing "whispers".
Snargle Goldclaw: (clears throat) ...the consequence of which has been the affliction of terrible and perennial writer's block.
Snargle Goldclaw: It is the struggle of every great author.
Snargle Goldclaw: I decided a bit of traveling would stir the imagination. Perhaps I shall stumble upon...what's the word? Um—
Bonnie Kunderah: Talent?
Snargle Goldclaw: Serendipitous inspiration!
Bonnie Kunderah: This place is so inspiring and not at all dreary.
Snargle Goldclaw: Oh, I agree. Nonetheless, the creative spark eludes me. I'm still missing something crucial!
Talk more option tango.png Why do so many of your books explore interspecies romance?
Snargle Goldclaw: You're asking why I choose to write such controversial narratives.
Snargle Goldclaw: When those who are obstinate and obsolete seek to extinguish your voice, then what you're saying must be important.
Snargle Goldclaw: To love is to want. To desire. And in spite of our differences, all Tyrians possess the appetite of desire.
Snargle Goldclaw: Love is indiscriminate in its numerous, splendorous forms. As an author, it is my duty to depict them all.
Talk more option tango.png Are there any reviews of your work?
Snargle Goldclaw: Well, I've been labeled salacious. Vulgar. A defiler of moral sensibilities.
Bonnie Kunderah: Don't forget "pompous and pretentious, a writer whose prose is so purple, so tumescent it'd make his frivolous characters blush."
Snargle Goldclaw: As I've told you repeatedly, I do not consider "The Divinity Chronicle" to be a reputable journalistic establishment.
Snargle Goldclaw: And—and why do you have that rubbish review memorized?
Bonnie Kunderah: I think it's beautifully written. "Sophomoric and tedious, 'A Kralkatorrid Affair' is a narcissistic exertion in—"
Snargle Goldclaw: Bah! Critics. What do they know?
Talk more option tango.png What's your secret to writing romance?
Snargle Goldclaw: Sensuality is the spectrum of all senses. Modern, discontented Tyrians only make love with their eyes.
Snargle Goldclaw: Oh, no no no no. I want readers to gaze upon the form of "body".
Snargle Goldclaw: The firm musculature of a charr warrior and the captivating curves of a norn.
Snargle Goldclaw: I want them to taste every bead of sweat, to hear the tender raptures of intimacy...
Snargle Goldclaw: ...and feel the rhythm of their lover's heartbeat as their fingers run through their coarse fur.
Bonnie Kunderah: Gross.
Snargle Goldclaw: That is how I grant my readers the escape they long find that fleeting feeling of fulfillment.
(After talking to Bonnie)
Talk more option tango.png Bonnie said some hurtful things there.
Snargle Goldclaw: Yes, well, Bonnie's always making jokes. Friendly jovial banter, that's our relationship.
Snargle Goldclaw: Isn't that right, Bonnie?
(Moment of silence)
Snargle Goldclaw: Ah, there she goes. Good fun, good fun.
Talk end option tango.png Would you look at the time...

Seitung Province[edit]

See also: Authorial Intent#Dialogue
Upon interacting with Snargle after witnessing the conversation between him and Kippo
Snargle Goldclaw: Ah, Commander. You are a much-needed sight for these sore eyes.
Snargle Goldclaw: I am sorry you had to witness that...dreadful intercourse that just transpired.
Ask me anything, my dear commander. I'm an open book.
Talk more option tango.png Everything going okay, Mr. Goldclaw?
Snargle Goldclaw: I've had enough of these rapacious publishers and self-serving agents and sanctimonious EDITORS.
Snargle Goldclaw: The vices of grammar are STRANGLING my art!
Snargle Goldclaw: My readers don't care about dangling prepositions, they want dangling—
Snargle Goldclaw: Oh, it is a terrible burden to be a writer. To lay naked your soul only for the world to rip it to shreds.
Snargle Goldclaw: Listen to me, bloviating endlessly. How rude of me. Dear Commander, do you have any inquiries to ask of me?
Talk more option tango.png Surprised to see you here.
Snargle Goldclaw: With the reopening of Cantha's borders, I realized I had an important calling.
Snargle Goldclaw: Please think of me as the Ambassador of Love.
Kippo: He's here to shake hands and sell books. And finish the manuscript he owes me! Per his contract.
Snargle Goldclaw: What a crude and artless description of my purpose.
Kippo: It happens to be true.
(On first interact)
Talk end option tango.png Well, guess I'll be going. (gives Authorial Intent achievement)
Snargle Goldclaw: Now, dear Commander, I'll probably be quite busy meeting my adoring fans, but do stop by my book signing in Kaineng.
Kippo: Actually, Snargle's we'd like Bonnie to take Kaineng City.
Kippo: All that hustle and bustle; this southern climate...can't be good for your fur.
Snargle Goldclaw: What? But how will the people of Cantha meet me if I'm not in Kaineng?
Kippo: Don't worry about it! You've still got a prime location.
Snargle Goldclaw: Here in Shing Jea?
Kippo: Ehhhh... I was thinking, we need someone in Echovald Forest.
Snargle Goldclaw: Echovald Forest? Does anyone even reside there?
Kippo: Sure! You got the bird people. And, uh...lots of bird people. They love books; I'm sure they're dying to meet you.
Snargle Goldclaw: Y-you can't do this, Kippo! Please, let me trade spots with Bonnie. She always loved being among nature.
Kippo: My mind's made up. You're going to Echovald, or on the first airship back to the Eye of the North.
Kippo: Just think of this as a mandatory sabbatical. Let the fresh air clear your head. What'll it be, Snargs?
Snargle Goldclaw: I... I...
Snargle Goldclaw: (sigh) I'll go to Echovald.
Kippo: Atta boy.
(Subsequent interactions)
Talk end option tango.png Maybe we'll meet again in Echovald.


See also: Character Growth#Dialogue
Before completing Character Growth
Initial greeting:
Snargle Goldclaw: Oh. Commander. I did not expect our paths to cross in such a forsaken place.
Snargle Goldclaw: I've resigned myself to banishment from the literary community.
Snargle Goldclaw: This is truly the nadir of my great career. Perhaps...there's no longer a place for my bold, avant-garde narratives.
Subsequent greetings:
Snargle Goldclaw: I'm afraid I don't have time to sign any autographs. I'm busy...being inspired.
Snargle Goldclaw: The locals here have never seen my kind before. I'm honored to represent the charr.
Snargle Goldclaw: "In my tepid continuation, did I long for a friend."
My apologies, Commander, but you will find that today I am not the world-class conversationalist one expects from Snargle Goldclaw. I find that I am...possessed of sort of melancholy.
Talk more option tango.png Have you ever gotten to tour the forest since arriving?
Snargle Goldclaw: I have⁠—and I must admit, it is a great disappointment. I'd been led to expect it'd been petrified!
Snargle Goldclaw: I suppose it's better that it's a thriving ecosystem once again...
Snargle Goldclaw: But certainly the sight of so many ancient trees hardened to shafts of stone, thrusting into the sky above...
Snargle Goldclaw: Well, that would have been uniquely arresting, don't you agree?
Talk end option tango.png Okay, we'll talk later Snargle.
After completing Character Growth
Commander, without the help of you and Ruki, I don't think Bonnie and I would have ever crossed the divide between us. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Now, we must figure out what comes next.
Talk more option tango.png Have you ever gotten to tour the forest since arriving?
Snargle Goldclaw: I have⁠—and I must admit, it is a great disappointment. I'd been led to expect it'd been petrified!
Snargle Goldclaw: I suppose it's better that it's a thriving ecosystem once again...
Snargle Goldclaw: But certainly the sight of so many ancient trees hardened to shafts of stone, thrusting into the sky above...
Snargle Goldclaw: Well, that would have been uniquely arresting, don't you agree?
Talk more option tango.png Have you sampled any local food?
Snargle Goldclaw: And how!
Snargle Goldclaw: Commander, if you have not had the chance yet, you simply must track down a restaurant with pufferfish on the menu.
Snargle Goldclaw: It is incredibly toxic if not prepared just so, but it's also a powerful aphrodisiac...
Snargle Goldclaw: I don't know if it's something in the content of the meat or quite simply the thrill of being alive after...
Snargle Goldclaw: But I'm happy to report⁠—the stories are true! I've been ending every night with a plate of it.
Snargle Goldclaw: And my ideas have never come so easily.
Talk more option tango.png Have you met any of our new friends?
Snargle Goldclaw: I have... And dear Commander, you've been holding out on me.
Snargle Goldclaw: I had the pleasure of acquainting myself with your friend Detective Rama, and...
Snargle Goldclaw: That man has the face of a young and exceptionally virile god!
Snargle Goldclaw: I inquired as to whether he might consider posing for the cover of my next novel...
Snargle Goldclaw: And do you know what he said to me? "I'd rather eat day-old sushi while sand crabs attach themselves to my⁠—"
Snargle Goldclaw: Well, you can imagine how it ended. I know I have.
Talk more option tango.png How has Cantha been receiving your work?
Snargle Goldclaw: On the whole, they have eaten it up, as I knew they would. However⁠—
Snargle Goldclaw: I am having a hard time reaching a specific audience... The tengu of this area are particularly resistant to my work.
Snargle Goldclaw: I've already tried giving away free copies to influential community members.
Snargle Goldclaw: But I was told at least one of them had already been used in the ablution of Guano.
Snargle Goldclaw: Perhaps a story penned just to their tastes? What titillates a tengu? I simply must know.
Talk more option tango.png Have you seen any jade tech?
Snargle Goldclaw: Oh, yes. In fact, I accepted an invitation to share a few bottles of soju with some enthusiastic fans who worked for...
Snargle Goldclaw: Dunlai? Zoolai? Anyway, I shared a few ideas for how they might utilize jade tech to accentuate the experiences of the flesh.
Snargle Goldclaw: And wouldn't you know it, a couple of them had a pet project of their own in that vein!
Snargle Goldclaw: We ended up back at their apartment, where I was allowed a sneak preview...
Snargle Goldclaw: Commander, you must track one down when it comes to the market. You're so tense. It would do you good.
Talk more option tango.png Bonnie seems to be doing well.
Snargle Goldclaw: I had some free time at an event earlier⁠—it did not quite have the attendance we had predicted...
Snargle Goldclaw: And I picked Bonnie's book back up. Then I found I could not put it down⁠—a fan had to all but shout in my face for an autograph!
Snargle Goldclaw: Amid all the death and unfortunate dismemberments... the story does have a heart.
Snargle Goldclaw: A heart that might not be free to love, but that instead is fighting for the ability to do so one day.
Snargle Goldclaw: I might have been a bit...closed-minded. It was hard not to look at "SUPER ADVENTURE BOX: THE OFFICIAL NOVEL..."
Snargle Goldclaw: And not see the book I would have written in its place.
Snargle Goldclaw: I prefer to write the world as it should be, but perhaps there is room for books that warn us of what it might become...
Talk more option tango.png Which of the things I've found mean the most to you?
Snargle Goldclaw: I have been perusing that book you brought me by Ja Wen...
Snargle Goldclaw: Did you know her book inspired the people to demand better working conditions within the textile industry?
Snargle Goldclaw: It has led me to ruminate on the place of the wordsmith in society...
Snargle Goldclaw: And what obligation one has to use one's work to effect some sort of positive change to the social, ah, fabric.
Snargle Goldclaw: Is it enough to champion the heart, the body? Should I also champion the downward trodden?
Snargle Goldclaw: it grandiose to image that words have that kind of power?
Snargle Goldclaw: Is it instead that great writers, being sensitive creatures, get swept up in the tides of social movements...
Snargle Goldclaw: ...and crystallize their spirits in amber, earning undue credit for the advancement of social mores...
Snargle Goldclaw: Forgive me, Commander, I do believe I've been rambling.
Talk end option tango.png I'm glad we could help, Snargle.


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