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A release is a game update that introduces content pertaining to a theme or event. These themes include holiday events and narratives that tell a story of the world of Tyria. The releases are often accompanied by other changes to the game, such as bug fixes, profession rebalancing in PvP, new activities, and themed items in the Gem Store. The time span between releases ranges roughly from two weeks to two months.

List of releases[edit]

Season 2 (part 2)
Release name Features
Tangled Paths.pngExplorer.pngBasic Collections.png
Storyline (interface).png
Return to Camp Resolve  → Tracking the Aspect Masters  → Into the Labyrinth
Echoes of the Past.pngExplorer.pngBasic Collections.pngRare Collections.png
Storyline (interface).png
The Ghosts of Fort Salma  → Reunion with the Pact  → Caithe's Reconnaissance Squad  → Hidden Arcana
Season 2 (midseason break)
Release name Features
Blood and Madness.pngBlood and Madness.pngBasic Collections.pngBlack Lion Collections.png
Basic Collections.pngRare Collections.pngBlack Lion Collections.pngWorld vs World.png
Season 2 (part 1)
Release name Features
The Dragon's Reach, Part 2.pngExplorer.png
Storyline (interface).png
Party PoliticsRecalibrating the WaypointsTaimi and the AsuraThe World Summit
The Dragon's Reach, Part 1.pngExplorer.png
Storyline (interface).png
Rallying CallUprooting the Iron MarchesThe Waypoint ConundrumSummit InvitationsPlan of Attack
Storyline (interface).png
Scarlet's Secret RoomDiscovering Scarlet's BreakthroughThe Concordia IncidentTrouble at Fort SalmaThe Machine
Gates of Maguuma.pngExplorer.png
Storyline (interface).png
Disturbance in Brisban WildlandsFallen HopesTracking the Master of PeaceCorneredProsperity's Mystery
Release name Features
Festival of the Four Winds.pngThe Queen's Gauntlet.pngSpecial event (map icon).png
Season 1
Release name Features
World vs World.pngSpecial event (map icon).png
Battle for Lion's Arch.pngSpecial event (map icon).png
Escape from Lion's Arch.pngSpecial event (map icon).png
World vs World.pngEdge of the Mists.pngSpecial event (map icon).png
Triple Trouble.pngThe Origins of Madness.pngSpecial event (map icon).png
The Wondrous Workshop of Toymaker Tixx.pngThe Nightmare Is Over.pngSpecial event (map icon).png
Fractals of the Mists (achievements).pngSpecial event (map icon).png
The Nightmares Within.pngSpecial event (map icon).png
Tower of Nightmares.pngSpecial event (map icon).png
World vs World.pngBlood and Madness.png
Twilight Arbor Aetherpath.pngTwilight Assault.png
Tequatl.pngBoss Week.png
Super Adventure Box.pngSuper Adventure Box.pngSpecial event (map icon).png
Clockwork Chaos (achievements).pngEmissary Vorpp's Field Assistant.pngSpecial event (map icon).png
Crab Toss.pngSanctum Sprint.pngSouthsun Survival.pngQueen Jennah's Jubilee.pngThe Queen's Gauntlet.pngSpecial event (map icon).png
  • The Crown Pavilion is opened, featuring a gladiatorial arena celebrating the human spirit along with the challenging solo boss fight arenas of the Queen's Gauntlet
  • Wallet to hold all account currencies
  • Champion and daily dungeon rewards
  • Daily activity rotation
  • Solo arena queue in structured PvP
Support Ellen Kiel.pngSupport Evon Gnashblade.pngSpecial event (map icon).png
Belcher's Bluff (achievements).pngBazaar of the Four Winds.pngSpecial event (map icon).png
Sky Pirates.pngSpecial event (map icon).png
Dragon Bash (achievements).pngSpecial event (map icon).png
Secret of Southsun.pngSpecial event (map icon).png
Secret of Southsun.pngSpecial event (map icon).png
Flame and Frost.pngSpecial event (map icon).png
Super Adventure Box.png
  • Super Adventure Box, an activity reminiscent of old school platformers with a special skill set and pixel enemies, featuring Infantile and Normal Modes of World 1
Flame and Frost.pngSpecial event (map icon).png
Flame and Frost.pngSpecial event (map icon).png
Flame and Frost.pngSpecial event (map icon).png
The Wondrous Workshop of Toymaker Tixx.pngSpecial event (map icon).png
Daily PvP Achievement.pngMonthly PvP Achievement.pngFractals of the Mists (achievements).pngSpecial event (map icon).png
Bosses.pngJumping Puzzles.pngShadow of the Mad King.pngSpecial event (map icon).png

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  • The company generally refers to non-release updates as hot fixes, updates, or patches.
  • Before a release, ArenaNet publishes a preview of the content on the game's official site. They also publish official release notes on the News and Announcements forum in a new post. Subsequent patches are added to the post for the most recent major content update, which has almost always been an official release.

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