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Primordus in its dormant state, awaiting its awakening.

Primordus was the first of the Elder Dragons to awaken in Tyria. Primordus' original resting place was in a cavern deep underground, where it was assumed by the asura to simply be a statue emitting a high amount of magical energy. For this reason, they built the Central Transfer Chamber near the dragon.[1] Primordus was initially supposed to awaken in 1078 AE, but upon the defeat of its most powerful general, the Great Destroyer, its awakening was delayed by two generations, until 1120 AE. After its rise, the other Elder Dragons began to stir, one by one.

After its awakening, its minions, the destroyers, flooded the Depths of Tyria, crushing any hopes the asura had of returning to their natural home. Around the time of Primordus' full awakening, the last of the dwarves had undergone the Rite of the Great Dwarf and they all went underground to combat Primordus and the destroyers. Those that remain are said to stand watch at entrances to the Depths, ensuring that Primordus' minions never reach the surface, nonetheless Ogden Stonehealer is the only dwarf who is known to the surface world. However, in recent years destroyers have been appearing closer and through the surface in increasing rates.

Primordus has remained underneath the surface since its awakening, clearing huge tracts of the underground regions, which forced more races, such as the skritt and murrellow, to flee from the Depths. As a result of its activities, the minions of Primordus can be found almost anywhere on the surface.[2] Only the dredge remain underground, though their mines remain close to the surface.

Instead of corrupting living beings, Primordus and its champions seem to prefer to create minions solely of earth and fire, usually spawning them in pools of lava, and they are created in mockery of living creatures.[3] However, it is still possible for destroyers to be corrupted living beings, where rock encases the creature until the body turns into lava, though no such destroyer has definitively been seen.[4] At least one champion, the Destroyer Queen, has created destroyers in egg-like pods, implying it to be a corrupted living being though it could simply be a unique champion or new form of creating destroyers.

It is claimed in the book titled The Elder Dragons that Primordus' previous awakening is the only one still known to history. Dwarven legends tell of many Great Destroyers which are today believed to reference to Primordus and its armies.



  • Primordus (like the English word "primordial") comes from the Latin word primordium, literally meaning "the first to come [in order, in a series, in history]" -- more metaphorically, "a beginning."

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