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Commanders and squads are tools for organizing large groups of players in PvE and WvW.

Squads are large groups created and led by players with commander privileges. These privileges are unlocked on an account-wide basis by consuming a Commander's Compendium, which is purchased from a commander trainer for 300 Gold coin and 250 Badges of Honor. Active squad leaders can display a commander icon, or tag, on the world map; this is visible to all players in the map and tracks the commander's current location. A tag will also appear above the commander's head.


To join a squad, click on a commander tag on the world map, right-click on a commander's portrait after targeting them, or right-click on their name in chat and select the option to join their squad. You do not need the commander's permission to join.

  • To leave a squad, type the chat command: /squadleave or open the party window (press "p") and select "leave" under squad.
  • Squad members can send messages via the squad chat channel, /d or /squad.
  • Squads are limited to 50 players.
  • Players can be members of a party and a squad at the same time.

Commander tools[edit]

Squad creation UI

Squad creation[edit]

  • To create a squad, open the party UI located on the left hand side of the screen (default: P) and select "Create". This turns on your tag. Select "Disband" to turn it off.
  • The same panel allows you to choose a color: blue, red, yellow or purple. However, you cannot change the color while you are leading a squad, in which case, disband and recreate the squad.

Useful commands[edit]

  • /squadinfo — Shows names of squad members and the amount of supply they are carrying; non-members are not included.
  • /supplyinfo — Shows the names of adjacent allies and the amount of supply they are carrying; adjacent range is approximately 240 units.
  • ALT+Mouse1 on the map — Creates a context menu for adding special order waypoints visible to squad members (but not others). The three types of waypoints are:
    • Squad Attack Order.png
      Squad Attack Order
    • Squad Defend Order.png
      Squad Defend Order
    • Squad Rally Order.png
      Squad Rally Order



  • The September 2014 Feature Pack made several changes to the commander tool:
    • The tag became account bound.
    • There is a choice of four colors: red, yellow, purple, and blue, which was the only color originally.
    • The price of the Commander's Compendium increased to 300 Gold coin and 250 Badges of Honor, a net increase of 200 Gold coin. (The price when the game launched was only 100 Gold coin; there was no requirement to spend Badges of Honor.)
    • The new features applied to existing commanders; those that had spent more than 300 Gold coin were given rebates of at least 100 Gold coin.
    • The Commander (effect) was removed.
  • Because of the distinctive triangular shape of the Commander Tag, players sometimes refer to it as a Dorito. With the advent of colored tags, it is not uncommon to also hear "Red Dorito," "Nacho Cheese Dorito," and the like in reference to the new colors.

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