Hidden Garden

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the jumping puzzle. For point of interest, see Hidden Garden (landmark).

Hidden Garden

Dierdre's Steps.jpg
Hidden Garden

Hidden Garden is a jumping puzzle in Dierdre's Steps, east of the Infinite Coil Reactor in Mount Maelstrom.

Getting there[edit]

There is a unique method for reaching the area. Players must find 1 of 4 events in Mount Maelstrom and slay the elemental keeper (soloable). Once defeated, a Mysterious Portal to 1 of 4 different locations in Dierdre's Steps will open and you may go to the Hidden Garden area.

The guardians seem to have a 15 minute reset clock.


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  • Bring a friend. There are no waypoints in Dierdre's Steps, so if you're there alone and you die you will either have to use a waypoint outside of the area to revive and then find a new event to get back to the area, or carry a Revive Orb with you.
  • Gliding is enabled in this jumping puzzle, greatly reducing the risk of death from falling as well as simplifying several jumps throughout the puzzle.