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The achievements interface in the game.

Achievements are a system in the game to help gauge what a player has accomplished in the game. They are awarded for completing various tasks spanning all game types; PvE, PvP, and WvW. Completing an achievement may reward the player with achievement points (Arenanet Points.png), an item, and/or a title. Players also get achievement rewards for obtaining enough achievement points for the tier. These rewards include coin, laurels, gems, weapon and armor skins, account bonuses, achievement chests. Achievements are organized into achievement categories, which are organized into logical groups to aid in navigation. The Daily and Monthly group contains a daily and monthly category for PvE/WvW and for sPvP.

Progression, achievement points, and titles are shared across all characters on an account. Most items rewarded from achievements are account bound. Upon obtaining an achievement, the player will be notified with a popup in the lower right corner of the UI stating the name, tier, description, and achievement points gained. Many achievements have multiple tiers and a notification will appear upon completing each tier. For these tiered achievements, the menu shows progression along the current tier, not the overall progression.

While most achievements are standard and require completing certain tasks in the game, others have special purposes or requirements. Meta achievements act as an umbrella achievement for the achievement category, requiring other achievements in the category to be completed. Other achievement serve as an umbrella achievement for certain achievements in the category, such as Learn to Kite. A few achievements are repeatable, granting achievement points every time the progress bar is filled at which time its progress is reset. Some achievements have prerequisites and will not progress until all tiers of the prerequisite achievement have been completed.

In the game, players in the same guild or party may view each other's total achievement points, but with the exception of wearing a title, only the player can see their individual achievements obtained. Outside the game, players may compare their accumulated achievement points with others on the leaderboards here: NA / EU.

Achievement rewards[edit]

Primary article: Achievement rewards

Once you reach enough achievement points, you will be granted achievement rewards, including an achievement chest, permanent account bonuses, laurels, coins, gems, and unlockable reward skins. Achievement rewards are awarded for every multiple of 500 achievement points, except for the first reward which is awarded for 100 points.

Players are also awarded a title at every 5,000 achievement point interval.


The summary provides information on unlocked rewards, account bonuses, recently completed achievement, and nearly completed achievements. Unlocked skins can be copied an unlimited number of times on any character.

Watch list[edit]

Up to 20 achievements can be added to a watch list and displayed in the Achievements UI panel. The panel can display a maximum of 5, removing achievements that have been completed. An achievement can be added by toggling the eye in the bottom right corner of each achievement on and off. Having any achievements on the watch list will override the default watch list. By default, the Daily achievements are displayed. If the Daily is completed, the Monthly achievements are displayed. If the Monthly is completed, nothing is displayed by default. The watch list is useful for tracking a group of related achievements, especially Living World achievement categories.


Achievement categories are organized in logical groups:

Category Count Total Arenanet Points.png Description
Daily and Monthly
Daily Achievement.pngDaily 12 12 per day
10,000 total
Repeatable achievements; resets each day.
Monthly Achievement.pngMonthly 10 100 per month
5,000 total
Repeatable achievements; resets each month.
Basic Collections.pngBasic Collections 24 72 Using various consumables and collecting sets of equipment and other items from all around Tyria.
Rare Collections.pngRare Collections 8 213 Collecting special sets of equipment from all around Tyria.
Black Lion Collections.pngBlack Lion Collections 12 36 Unlocking weapon sets from the Black Lion Trading Company.
Story Journal
Gates of Maguuma.pngGates of Maguuma 10 33 Completing additional challenges in the story instances of Gates of Maguuma.
Entanglement.pngEntanglement 10 45 Completing additional challenges in the story instances of Entanglement.
The Dragon's Reach, Part 1.pngThe Dragon's Reach, Part 1 7 60 Completing additional challenges in the story instances of The Dragon's Reach: Part 1.
The Dragon's Reach, Part 2.pngThe Dragon's Reach, Part 2 10 100 Completing additional challenges in the story instances of The Dragon's Reach: Part 2.
Explorer.pngDry Top 20 114 Completing challenges in Dry Top.
Dungeons (achievements).pngDungeons 10 335 Completing dungeons in Tyria.
Fractals of the Mists (achievements).pngFractals of the Mists 29 210 Completing fractals and certain challenges in Fractals of the Mists.
Twilight Arbor Aetherpath.pngTwilight Arbor Aetherpath 18 100 Completing challenges in the Aetherpath of Twilight Arbor.
Slayer.pngSlayer 39 624 Killing creatures of a specific type.
Hero.pngHero 30 392 Completing quests, learning skills, and gaining experience without dying.
Tradesman.pngTradesman 21 857 Salvaging, gathering, applying upgrades, using transmutation stones, and crafting
Explorer.pngExplorer 35 420 Exploring the map and completing mini-dungeons.
Fashion.pngFashion 7 142 Equipping cultural armors and skins.
Weapon Master.pngWeapon Master 20 209 Killing enemies with specific weapons; highest damage in a single hit.
Community.pngCommunity 9 307 Gaining influence, collecting miniatures, consuming alcohol or food, kills from combos with allies, and reviving.
Hall of Monuments (achievement).pngHall of Monuments 10 500 Guild Wars accomplishments recorded in the Hall of Monuments.
Jumping Puzzles.pngJumping Puzzles 45 450 Completing specific jumping puzzles.
Bosses.pngBosses 8 80 Defeating powerful monsters.
Triple Trouble.pngTriple Trouble 12 135 Fighting Amber, Cobalt and Crimson Great Jungle Wurm.
Tequatl.pngTequatl 11 116 Fighting Tequatl the Sunless.
World vs World.pngWvW Fall Tournament 2014 6 9 Participating in World versus World during WvW Fall Tournament 2014.
PvP Conqueror.pngPvP Conqueror 29 1,651 Killing other players, winning in structured PvP matches and tournaments, and scoring points.
World vs World.pngEdge of the Mists 20 214 Killing enemy invaders and capturing and defending objectives in Edge of the Mists.
World vs World.pngWorld vs World 16 809 Killing enemy invaders and capturing and defending objectives in WvW.
Keg Brawl (achievements).pngKeg Brawl 8 254 Playing Keg Brawl.
Sanctum Sprint.pngSanctum Sprint 4 150 Playing Sanctum Sprint daily activity.
Southsun Survival.pngSouthsun Survival 5 175 Playing Southsun Survival daily activity.
Crab Toss.pngCrab Toss 4 142 Playing Crab Toss daily activity.
Belcher's Bluff (achievements).pngBelcher's Bluff 7 80 Playing Belcher's Bluff.
Boss Week.pngBoss Week 7 65 Participating in the events of Tequatl Rising.
Super Adventure Box.pngSuper Adventure Box 17 106 Completing challenges in World 1 of Super Adventure Box.
Super Adventure Box.pngSuper Adventure Box: Back to School 17 96 Completing challenges in World 2 of Super Adventure Box.
Super Adventure Box.pngSuper Adventure Box: Tribulation Mode 6 260 Completing challenges in Tribulation Mode of Super Adventure Box.
Retired Achievements.pngRetired Achievements 1 10 Retired Achievements no longer available within game.
The Wondrous Workshop of Toymaker Tixx.pngThe Wondrous Workshop of Toymaker Tixx 15 165 Participating in the events of Wintersday: The Wondrous Workshop of Toymaker Tixx.
Shadow of the Mad King.pngShadow of the Mad King 8 116 Participating in the events of Shadow of the Mad King.
The Origins of Madness.png The Origins of Madness 14 135 Participating in the events of The Origins of Madness.
Festival of the Four Winds.pngFestival of the Four Winds 25 116 Participating in the events of Festival of the Four Winds.
Battle for Lion's Arch.pngThe Battle for Lion's Arch 17 102 Participating in the events of Battle for Lion's Arch.
Escape from Lion's Arch.pngEscape from Lion's Arch 20 109 Participating in the events of Escape from Lion's Arch.
Edge of the Mists.png Edge of the Mists 3 40 Participating in the events of The Edge of the Mists.
Dragon Bash (achievements).pngDragon Bash 16 195 Participating in the events of Dragon Bash.
Sky Pirates.pngSky Pirates 21 193 Participating in the events of Sky Pirates of Tyria.
Queen Jennah's Jubilee.pngQueen Jennah's Jubilee 14 174 Participating in the events of Queen's Jubilee.
The Queen's Gauntlet.pngThe Queen's Gauntlet 18 220 Completing fights and using gambits in Queen's Gauntlet during Queen's Jubilee and Festival of the Four Winds.
Clockwork Chaos (achievements).pngClockwork Chaos 16 195 Participating in the events of Clockwork Chaos.
Twilight Assault.pngTwilight Assault 1 25 Completing challenges in the Aetherpath of Twilight Arbor during Twilight Assault.
Blood and Madness.pngBlood and Madness 12 107 Participating in the events of Blood and Madness.
The Nightmare Is Over.pngThe Nightmare Is Over 12 57 Participating in the aftermath of Tower of Nightmares and The Nightmares Within during A Very Merry Wintersday.
The Wondrous Workshop of Toymaker Tixx.png A Very Merry Wintersday 17 194 Participating in the Wintersday events during A Very Merry Wintersday.
Emissary Vorpp's Field Assistant.pngEmissary Vorpp's Field Assistant 6 10 Creating the portal device to Scarlet's Playhouse during Clockwork Chaos.
Fractals of the Mists (achievements).pngFractured! 15 95 Completing Fractals of the Mists during Fractured.
The Nightmares Within.pngThe Nightmares Within 11 68 Participating in the events of The Nightmares Within.
Tower of Nightmares.pngTower of Nightmares 12 76 Participating in the events of Tower of Nightmares.
World vs World.pngWvW Spring Tournament 2014 19 300 Participating in World versus World during WvW Spring Tournament 2014.
World vs World.pngWorld vs. World Season 1 21 405 Killing enemy invaders and capturing and defending objectives in the first season of WvW.
Support Ellen Kiel.pngSupport Ellen Kiel 12 100 Supporting Ellen Kiel during Cutthroat Politics.
Support Evon Gnashblade.pngSupport Evon Gnashblade 12 100 Supporting Evon Gnashblade during Cutthroat Politics.
Bazaar of the Four Winds.pngBazaar of the Four Winds 16 255 Participating in the events of Bazaar of the Four Winds.
Flame and Frost.pngFlame and Frost 14 147 Participating in the events of Flame and Frost.
Secret of Southsun.pngSecret of Southsun 35 235 Participating in the events of The Secret of Southsun and Last Stand at Southsun.

Character quotes[edit]

When a character completes an achievement they will occasionally shout out one of the following lines, depending on their race and gender.

Race Gender
Male Female
Asura tango icon 20px.png Asura More accolades.
More knowledge for me!
Ahh! Recognition.
Another testament to my greatness.
It's not showing off if you earned it.
More knowledge for me!
Charr tango icon 20px.png Charr It's easy when you know how.
I've attained the awesome.
Achieving; the life for me.
I did it!
I cover myself in glory.
Human tango icon 20px.png Human One more thing for my list of accomplishments.
That's how it's done.
I achieve things. I'm an achiever.
Another personal victory.
Is it just me, or am I amazing?
Just one more confirmation of how great I am.
Norn tango icon 20px.png Norn I'm the master of life!
One challenge down.
It's my destiny.
Another proud moment.
I am awesome.
Sylvari tango icon 20px.png Sylvari Ah, it was nothing.
It's all skill! ...And a little luck.
I deserve an award.
I earned that.
Score one for me.
We'll go down in history!


  • The first time you navigate to the Achievements tab in the Hero window, all recently unlocked achievements will be marked as "NEW". This tag disappears after closing the window, even if you did not view the relevant category.
  • There are several inconsistencies across the descriptions:
    • All achievements list the track's current score, but only some indicate the tier's ceiling.
    • Some achievements lack a space before and after the slash (/) sign indicating current and next tier amount to reach, while others have the spaces.
    • Some achievements follow Title Case (ex. X / 5 Types of Enemies) while other use the normal sentence case (ex. X / 50 areas).
    • Other inconsistencies within specific categories are noted in the relevant articles.
  • In early beta versions, daily and monthly achievement chests were placed in the game world instead being available to open via interface like they are now.
  • If you do not complete an achievement for content that is subsequently removed from game (I.e. Rallying flame achievement from Flame and Frost content) then those missed achievements will not show on your list, so you will be unable to see what you have missed from past stories.
  • The June 11, 2013 update added a "((DELETE ME!!))" category to the achievements list which had 8 achievements. This category was deleted from the game in a subsequent update.
  • The Achievements panel was revamped in the Bazaar of the Four Winds release.
  • The Bar Brawl category was added in Bazaar of the Four Winds and subsequently removed in Queen's Jubilee. The achievements were never obtainable since Bar Brawl activity was never actually added to the game.

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