Winter Wonderland

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Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland map.jpg
Map of Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland loading screen.jpg
Loading screen

Winter Wonderland.jpg
Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is a jumping puzzle style activity that is only available during Wintersday. Players must jump across a precarious path of melting snowflakes, hop over exploding presents, and flee past massive rolling snowballs. Deliver presents to the children gathered at the end of the puzzle to receive your reward.

Getting there[edit]

Winter Wonderland 02.jpg

Speak with the Festive Youth standing on a large peppermint in The Crown Pavilion, Divinity's Reach. you will be transported to the starting hub for the puzzle.

During Wintersday 2012, players began the puzzle at a set interval. Prepare Yourself...for a Jumping Time! would show how much time remained until the next round would start. In the meantime, there were Piles of Snowballs on the ground for players to have snowball fights.

Starting in Wintersday 2013, players were allowed to start the puzzle whenever they wished, and three paths were made available for the first segment. A "present" could be taken from Tixx at a checkpoint and opened for an immediate reward, delivered to the children at the end of the puzzle for a greater reward, or forgone completely to activate the "checkpoint." If the player failed to complete the jumping puzzle after accepting the present for delivery, nothing was gained. If the player instead chose the checkpoint, the functionality only worked once; if the player failed to complete the puzzle, they were returned to Tixx's location, but they were returned to the starting area if they failed again after starting from the checkpoint.

Warning: Not sure if this is a bug, but it does not count toward the monthly achievement total.


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At the end of the puzzle, a Magnificent Chest awaits. It resets each time the puzzle is completed.

Wintersday 2015[edit]

  • The chest will always contain 10 Wintersday Gifts.

Wintersday 2014[edit]

  • The chest will always contain 5 Wintersday Gifts.

Wintersday 2013[edit]

  • If you do not deliver the present for Tixx, the chest contains 1 Wintersday Gift.
  • If you successfully deliver the present for Tixx, the chest contains 3 Wintersday Gifts.
  • See the talk page for drop research.

Wintersday 2012[edit]

  • The chest always contained 3 Wintersday Gifts, their size depending on character level.
  • Once per day per account, the chest yielded additional drops:
    • A random booster or Wintersday tonic
    • 4-6 Snowflakes (tier depends on character level)
    • A consumable giving Karma (type depends on character level)


The ending of the jumping puzzle.



  • Upon completion, if you turn around as you enter and jump behind the box you came out of there will be a series of steps you can jump up which will take you to a big red star. There doesn't seem to be any purpose to this mini puzzle.
  • There is currently a bug that actively prevents players from entering the Winter Wonderland map. Players will often be directly teleported out back into Divinity's Reach, causing a very long loading dialog.