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Disambig icon.png This article is about the continent. For the planet, see Tyria (world). For the achievement category, see Tyria (achievements).


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Map of Tyria


Tyria, also known as Central Tyria, is a continent in the world of the same name. The geography of the continent ranges from the dense jungles of the Maguuma, to high mountains of the Shiverpeaks, to forests of the Blood Legion Homelands and Ascalon, to the sandy Crystal Desert. Beneath the land stretch the interconnected caverns of the Depths of Tyria which hold ancient structures of unknown origins that date back to a time before humanity. Over ten thousand years ago, the Great Giants once roamed the land. Before all recorded history, the Elder Dragons roamed - whether before or during the time of the Giganticus Lupicus is still unknown. And over a thousand years ago, before the exodus, the human gods lived in the continent of Tyria. Throughout the ages, the continent has changed - from seas turning to deserts, to sinking kingdoms and scorching lands, to flooding cities, and to deserts turning green by diverted rivers - and may continue to change.


Tyria and the surrounding islands are divided into several major regions. The most important are:

  • Ascalon: Ascalon was once a great human kingdom but after The Searing and Charr Invasion humans were almost wiped out of Ascalon. Hundreds of years later the scorched ground of Ascalon has begun to flourish again. The ghost army cursed by the Foefire plague Ascalon and the Dragonbrand of Kralkatorrik scar the land.
  • Kryta: A lush and green area rich with fertile soil. Found in the central-western area of the continent, the kingdom and its people are currently the only human-settlement to prosper where all others have perished. Despite this, its countryside is raided by marauding centaurs. Refugees come from all over the known world to the safe haven of Divinity's Reach.
  • Maguuma Jungle: A dense jungle found in the western area of the continent. It is full of strange species found nowhere else in Tyria, and divided into three sub-regions - Heart of Maguuma, Maguuma Wastes, and Tarnished Coast.
  • Shiverpeak Mountains: A giant mountain chain that acts as a divider running north to south, between Ascalon and Kryta. It holds three sub-regions - the Deldrimor Front, Far Shiverpeaks and Steamspur Mountains.
  • Ruins of Orr: The peninsula in the very south ascended from beneath the sea as the elder dragon Zhaitan rose. In the past it was the residence of the gods and the oldest human kingdom, today it is a wasteland.
  • Sea of Sorrows: This body of water is Tyria's Mare Internum.


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