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Disambig icon.png This article is about the continent. For the planet, see Tyria (world).


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Map of Tyria


Tyria, sometimes called Central Tyria, is a continent in the world of the same name. The geography of the continent ranges from the dense jungles of the Maguuma, to high mountains of the Shiverpeaks, to forests of the Blood Legion Homelands and Ascalon, to the sandy Crystal Desert. Beneath the land stretch the interconnected caverns of the Depths of Tyria which hold ancient structures of unknown origins that date back to a time before humanity. Over ten thousand years ago, the Great Giants once roamed the land. Before all recorded history, the Elder Dragons roamed - whether before or during the time of the Giganticus Lupicus is still unknown. And over a thousand years ago, before the exodus, the human gods lived in the continent of Tyria. Throughout the ages, the continent has changed - from seas turning to deserts, to sinking kingdoms and scorching lands, to flooding cities, and to deserts turning green by diverted rivers - and may continue to change.








List of regions[edit]

Tyria and the surrounding islands are divided into many regions. The geographical division and the mechanical regions used by the game for achievements and the character selection screen do not always line up, so the explorable regions mention both.

Accessible regions[edit]

Once a great human kingdom, Ascalon was since retaken by the charr, scorched by the Searing and cursed by the Foefire, leaving a brown land and a human ghost army behind. The Dragonbrand, created by the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik's flight to the Crystal Desert, scars the land.
Crystal Desert
Vast desert on the boundary with the nation of Elona. The Elon River currently flows through it and the Dragonbrand ends here, at the original lair of the dragon Glint.
Elon River
Mechanical region: Crystal Desert
Large river flowing from the nation of Elona. Diverted from the original flow through the kingdoms of Vabbi and Kourna by a dam built by Palawa Joko, the river now floods large areas in the Crystal Desert.
Far Shiverpeaks
Mechanical region: Shiverpeak Mountains
Northern reaches of the Shiverpeak Mountains and homeland of the norn. Large part of the original mountain range has now been flooded by an inland sea, following the rise of the Elder Dragon Jormag. Currently, only the Hall of Monuments can be visited by players.
Heart of Maguuma
Previously called "Magus Falls" on the world map. Western areas of the Maguuma Jungle, covered by deep forests, canyons and tunnels. Primary territory of the Elder Dragon Mordremoth.
A lush, green area rich with fertile soil located in the central-western area of the continent. The last remaining human kingdom on Tyria, ruled by Queen Jennah, featuring the grand cities Divinity's Reach and Lion's Arch. Despite this, its countryside is raided by marauding centaurs, while refugees come here from all over the known world.
Maguuma Wastes
Northern part of the original Maguuma Jungle which has dried out over the years.
Ring of Fire
Volcanic archipelago located off the coast of Maguuma and Orr.
Ruins of Orr
Originally a human kingdom and the residence of their gods in the city of Arah. The Orrian peninsula has sunk as a result of the Cataclysm and subsequently re-emerged with the rising of the Elder Dragon Zhaitan, whose minions populate the region to this day.
Sea of Sorrows
Mechanical region: Kryta
Once known as Bay of Sirens. This large bay between the Tarnished Coast, Kryta, the Steamspur Mountains and Orr contains many islands, including the Claw Island, Southsun Cove and the isolated tengu city Dominion of Winds.
Shiverpeak Mountains
Giant mountain range running north to south between Ascalon and Kryta. Current home of the norn and the kodan after being driven from the north by the Elder Dragon Jormag.
Steamspur Mountains
Mechanical regions: Maguuma Jungle, Shiverpeak Mountains
Previously a southern part of the Shiverpeaks, this mountain range has thawed following the eruption of the Mount Maelstrom volcano.
Sulfurous Wastelands
Mechanical region: Crystal Desert
Tarnished Coast
Mechanical region: Maguuma Jungle
South-eastern lush coastal part of the Maguuma Jungle and the current homeland of the asura and the sylvari.
Mechanical region: Crystal Desert
A land of wealth and bounty, now under rule by Palawa Joko.
Woodland Cascades
Mechanical region: Heart of Maguuma
Forested area north of Kryta. Currently, only the Bastion of the Penitent can be visited.

Inaccessible regions[edit]

Blazeridge Mountains
Mountain range east of Ascalon.
Blood Legion Homelands
Homelands of the charr to the north of Ascalon. The true name of the region is unknown.
Deldrimor Front
Mechanical region: Maguuma Jungle
Ancient dwarflands; Mountain range east of the Steamspur Mountains and the location of the original dwarven kingdom Deldrimor. The Labyrinthine Cliffs were located here.
Isles of Janthir
Group of islands in the Janthir Bay. Based on the Eye of Janthir, the isles are somehow associated with the White Mantle.
Janthir Bay
Sea located to the far north of Kryta and Maguuma Wastes.
Scavenger's Causeway
Region located between the Elon River and the Ruins of Orr, forming the only passage by land to the latter.
Strait of Malchor
Strait connecting the Sea of Sorrows to the Unending Ocean, running between the Tarnished Coast and the Ruins of Orr.
Unending Ocean
The main body of water in the world, located to the south and west of the Tyrian continent.




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