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You are a Commander.

— In-game description

To become a Commander, purchase the Commander's Compendium from a trainer and double-click it. Once enabled, the player can create a squad via the party UI in order to display their Commander status, which will display a blue shield icon on maps. Hovering your cursor over the icon will display the character's name. Although the manual itself is account bound, it only unlocks the ability to become a commander on a single character, so each character must purchase their own. Once you have a squad, you have the ability to use the commander tools.

[edit] Commander tools

  • /squadinfo will show the names of players in the squad and the amount of supply they are carrying. This command only takes squad members into account.
  • /supplyinfo will show the names of adjacent allies and the amount of supply they are carrying. This command is not limited to squad members, but its radius is a little over 180.
  • ALT+Mouse1 on the map opens a context menu for adding special order waypoints, to mark locations for attacks, defense, and rally points. These special waypoints are visible to squad members.
  • Opening the party UI located on the left hand side of the screen, or by pressing P while not in the chat box will allow you to see the option to create or disband a squad. By selecting create, you can turn on your commander icon. By selecting leave, you can disband your squad and turn off your commander icon.
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