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Trading Post

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The Trading Post (TP) is the tool that allows players from all worlds to trade with each other. The Trading Post can be considered a physical representation of the Black Lion Trading Company and its functionality within the game. Trades are anonymous and autonomous: players post offers to buy or sell without having to locate a trading partner. The feature (bound by default to O) is accessible anywhere in-game. However, you must speak to a Trading Post Representative to collect items or coins.

Purchases on the trading post must be made using coin and there are two fees applied to sales: 5% of the asking price to list and a 10% tax when the item is sold.


[edit] Selling and Buying

[edit] Preview purchases

You can preview weapons, armor, dyes, and back items sold on the TP. For weapons, you have the option of viewing them sheathed, wielded or on their own (just the model)

[edit] Selling

There are two ways to access an item to sell the item:

  • Right-click its icon in your inventory window and choose, Sell at Trading Post.
  • Open the Black Lion panel, O, and select the item from the list.

The panel now shows the current values and selling options for all items that currently are in your inventory.

  • Meet the highest buyer to sell instantly for the price being set by the currently highest bidder on the Trading Post. Sales are immediate.
  • Match lowest seller puts your items on the Trading Post for a price that matches the currently lowest selling price. Your offer will wait for a buyer interested in paying your asking price.
  • You can also place a custom offer different from either of the above.

There are a couple of restrictions: the minimum asking price for an item is Copper coin above the vendor value, e.g. if vendors will pay 24 Copper coin for an item, you have to ask for at least 25 Copper coin. In addition, you cannot sell account-bound or soul-bound items.

[edit] Buying

There are three ways to access an item on the Trading Post to buy the item:

  • Right-click an item in inventory and choose, Buy more at the Trading Post.
  • Choose the Buy tab on the left side of the Black Lion panel and search for the item.
  • Choose the Buy tab and select one of the items listed, e.g. under Most Demanded or Most Traded.

As with sales, you can accept an existing offer (buy immediately) or place a custom offer. The coin required to pay for your order will be removed from your inventory while you wait for your offer to be accepted.

[edit] Transaction notes

  • You can review and remove transactions by using the relevant tab in the Black Lion panel (second from bottom, on the left navigation bar).
    • The pull down menu defaults to items you are selling. You can also review items you are buying.
    • You can also review past purchases and past sales.
  • You must be standing next to a Black Lion NPC to pick-up items.
  • Your list of items and cash to pick up is limited to several dozen transactions, so you will not always see every possible item (or coin) waiting for pickup. For example, if you buy a stack of jute bolts, you might see one of the following:
    • A single line indicating a transaction 250 bolts, e.g. if a single offer can fulfill the entire order.
    • 250 different lines, if your order is fulfilled by 250 different players. In addition, you will only see the first 100 transactions; you might need to click take all several times to collect the full stack.

[edit] Fees

There are two Trading Post fees, both paid by the seller; they total up to 15% of the total sales price.

  • A non-refundable listing fee of 5% (minimum Copper coin); this is paid when you post and is not returned if you remove the order.
  • A 10% tax on successful sales; this is deducted from the amount available at pickup.
  • Although both fees are listed in the trading panel, the "projected profit" only deducts the 10% sales tax.

For example, if you offer an item for Silver coin, the panel will show a projected profit of 90 Copper coin and a listing fee of Copper coin, which means you will end up with 85 Copper coin net profit, if and when the item sells.

[edit] Fee notes

  • Both fees are shown before you press the submit button.
  • The listing fee is calculated on the sum of all items posted, allowing you to save small amounts of copper by using rounding to your advantage.
  • Both fees are rounded using the "round half up" method, i.e. any fraction of a coin less than x.5 is rounded down to x, and any fraction x.5 or greater is rounded up to x+1.
Rounding examples
  • Selling an item for 29 Copper coin should generate a 1.45 Copper coin listing fee; you pay Copper coin instead.
  • Selling an item for 31 Copper coin costs Copper coin, i.e. rounded up from 1.55 Copper coin.
  • Selling an item for 30 Copper coin results in the same profit as selling it for 29 Copper coin due to rounding: in both cases, you net 26 Copper coin: the fees are 3+Copper coin in the first case, but only 2+Copper coin in the second.
  • Listing two of an item separately for 10 Copper coin costs more in listing fees than selling them together: you pay Copper coin twice by listing them separately, but only Copper coin by listing them together.

[edit] Losing potential earnings

Be careful about listing items so close to the vendor price that the combined fees would reduce your profit below that offered by merchants.

  • To quickly determine if you can make more money on the Trading Post, point your cursor at the item, note the vendor price on the popup box, and add that to the listing fee. If that total is greater than the projected profit, you are better off selling to the vendor.
  • Players will sometimes sell items on the TP at these lower prices, despite the loss of potential income. Notably those with full inventories might prefer to get slightly less coin as a minor cost to clear out a full inventory, especially when the alternative requires leaving a dungeon or farming run.
  • An item worth 99 Copper coin can be sold on the trading post for Silver coin, but this yields only 85 Copper coin, i.e. 14 Copper coin less from the TP, after deducting 10 Copper coin for a successful sale and Copper coin for the listing fee.
  • Listing that same item for Silver coin 20 Copper coin, nets Silver coin 2 Copper coin, i.e. Copper coin more than the price the vendor offers (taking into account the 12 Copper coin sales tax and Copper coin listing fee).

[edit] Currency Exchange

The Currency Exchange tab allows you to trade gold for gems and vice versa. The exchange rate is measure in coin per 100 gems and determined by supply and demand from players. The average rate for exchange is displayed below along with the 5 day high and low. A graph displays the average price for the past week. There is a 15% transaction fee for converting in both directions. For example, exchanging 1 Gold coin gives 85 Silver coin worth of gems while reselling those gems returns only around 72 Silver coin 25 Copper coin, a net loss of roughly 28%. As the average price is decided by player supply and demand, prices will often change rapidly when new items are added to the Gem Store or there is a demand for coin. Purchasing gems to convert to coin is a common practice for players. The maximum amount of gems that can be traded at one time is 9999.

[edit] Trending

The Trading Post displays some market trends: Top Value Items, Top Supplied Items, Top Demanded Items and Top Trade Items.

[edit] List of Black Lion Trading Posts

There are trading post representatives in every city and some villages.

City/Town Zone NPC Name Waypoint (map icon).png
Black Citadel Memorial Quadrant Black Lion Trader Diessa Gate
Divinity's Reach Dwayna High Road Black Lion Trader Ministers
Hoelbrak Trade Commons Black Lion Trader Upper Balcony
Lion's Arch Black Lion Trading Company HQ Black Lion Trader Trader's Forum
Rata Sum Interdisciplinary Accessium Black Lion Trader Accountancy
The Grove Reckoner's Terrace Black Lion Trader Reckoner's
Village of Smokestead Plains of Ashford Laetitia Hurtstorm & Ardere Ironbound Smokestead
Town of Nolan Diessa Plateau Black Lion Trader Nolan
Stronghold of Ebonhawke Fields of Ruin Lorro Hawkgates
Blazeridge Steppes None
Iron Marches None
Fireheart Rise None
Village of Shaemoor Queensdale Rufus & Oscar Shaemoor
Altar Brook Trading Post Queensdale Jaklan Scaver
Delanian Foothills Kessex Hills Black Lion Trader Delanian
Traveler's Dale Gendarran Fields Grietje First Haven
Cloven Hoof Pass Harathi Hinterlands Black Lion Trader & Seraph Sergeant Junction Camp
Arca Lake Harathi Hinterlands Jadus Phinn Greystone Rise
Nightguard Beach Harathi Hinterlands Debbie Lantys Nightguard
Portage Hills Bloodtide Coast Black Lion Trader Marshwatch Haven
Maguuma Jungle
Village of Astorea Caledon Forest Black Lion Trader Astorea
Soren Draa Metrica Province Twoola & Kripp Soren Draa
Brisban Wildlands None
Sparkfly Fen None
Sootberme Mount Maelstrom Black Lion Trader Firebreak Fort
Ruins of Orr
Straits of Devastation None
Pagga's Post Malchor's Leap Black Lion Trader Pagga's
Pursuit Pass Cursed Shore Elana Caer Shadowfain
Shiverpeak Mountains
Snowlord's Gate Wayfarer Foothills Needa & Strothmir Horncall
Hunter's Pitfalls Snowden Drifts Trader Jan & Trader Jed Highpass Haven
Durmand Priory Lornar's Pass Black Lion Trader Durmand Priory
Dredgehaunt Cliffs None
Kyesjard Timberline Falls Black Lion Trader Krongar
Yakkington's Toil Frostgorge Sound Black Lion Trader Yak's Bend

[edit] Notes

  • Although you can only put in buy or sell offers while logged into Guild Wars 2, the transaction can complete even if you are offline.
  • You are limited in how many items you can list for sale in a short period of time.
  • The maximum number of units you can buy or sell in a single transaction is 250, i.e. a single stack.
  • The "items I am selling" view lists only the first 25,000 units you are selling for a single item.
  • Sometimes players are unable to use the Buy button, i.e. it is greyed out. Restarting the game usually resolves this issue.
  • If you see black screen when attempting to access the Black Lion Trading Company panel, run Guild Wars 2 as an administrator. This allows the game to start the awesomium_process.exe that GW2.exe uses to access the trading post.
  • Although you can no longer place orders below vendor price, you could when the game was first released and some of those early offers are still listed. This gives a misleading impression of the price offered by the "Highest Buyer". ArenaNet has stated that they would like to purge these invalid orders, but they have not yet announced any specific plans to do so.

[edit] External sites

These sites track historical offers, but not actual sales.

[edit] Trivia

Displayed photo during Trading Post maintenance.
  • At launch, the trading post experienced severe capacity issues and ArenaNet disabled it from August 25 – September 5, 2012, although it was available intermittently as early as August 29 to a rotating group of randomly-selected players.
  • Before the game launched, ArenaNet announced plans for an offline tool to browse, bid, or cancel offers.[1] However, there has been no mention of this idea since the game went live.
  • The preview function was added in the Flame and Frost: The Gathering Storm update.
  • Most of the Trading Post's panels are Web pages embedded using Awesomium.

[edit] References

  1. ^ Interview étape avec ArenaNet, Luna Atra
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