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A sigil is a type of upgrade component used in weapons. Like all upgrade components, attaching a sigil to a weapon of masterwork, rare, or exotic rarity will make that weapon soulbound; fine or basic weapons will become account bound. You can replace a sigil with a new one or attempt to recover it by salvaging the item.

Sigil tiers[edit]

There are three tiers of sigils, Minor, Major, and Superior, each with its own minimum level requirement.

  • DMinor sigils have no minimum level.
  • EMajor sigils require a level 39 weapon or above.
  • FSuperior sigils require a level 60 weapon or above.


  • Certain sigils can be crafted by artificers, huntsmen, or weaponsmiths. Most of these can be learned through discovery, but several require obtaining the relevant recipe.
  • All crafted and most salvaged sigils can be purchased on the Trading Post.
  • Some sigils are available from the dungeon equipment vendors.
  • Most sigils can be recovered from weapons by salvaging them; only Black Lion Salvage Kits are guaranteed to produce the sigil.
  • You can combine four sigils of the same tier in the Mystic Forge, with an 80% chance of receiving a random sigil from the same tier and a 20% chance of it being the next higher tier. While all minor and major sigils can be combined this way, the forge only returns a subset of those sigils.

Sigil interaction[edit]

A character can always equip two sigils at a time (either one sigil each on a main-hand and off-hand weapon, or two sigils on a two-handed weapon). In general, the two sigils will both provide their effects independently as long as the base sigil is different. The exceptions to this are the stacking sigils: only one stack effect can be active at a time. Additionally, sigils with the same base sigil will share cooldowns between weapon sets.

  • A warrior is wielding a greatsword with both a Superior Sigil of Air (chance to deal additional damage to target on critical hit) and a Superior Sigil of Earth (chance to inflict Bleeding on critical hit) attached to it. Both sigils will roll their chance to activate on every attack the warrior makes, and each sigil will run its own cooldown timer after it activates.
  • A thief is wielding a main-hand dagger with a Minor Sigil of Agony (+10% Bleeding duration) and an off-hand pistol with a Major Sigil of Agony (+15% Bleeding duration). Only the major sigil's effect will apply, giving the thief +15% bleeding duration.
  • A warrior with Fast Hands is wielding a greatsword and axe/mace, with Superior Sigil of Battle in both weapon sets. He can swap weapons every 5 seconds, but the sigils will trigger only every 9 seconds, since they share cooldown.
  • A mesmer is wielding a scepter with a Minor Sigil of Bloodlust (gain a stack of +Power for every kill) and a focus with a Major Sigil of Perception (gain a stack of +Precision for every kill). The main-hand's stacking sigil will take precedence, and the mesmer will only gain stacks of Bloodlust.

Sigil categories[edit]

There are 5 categories of sigils based on how their effects are activated.


Sigils in this group provide a constant effect while the weapon is wielded. There are three subtypes.

Attribute bonus[edit]

Provide a static bonus to a specific attribute.

Sigil Description
Sigil of Accuracy + 3% / 5% / 7% Critical Chance
Sigil of Bursting + 4% / 5% / 6% Condition Damage
Sigil of Force + 1% / 3% / 5% Damage
Sigil of Malice + 5% / 7% / 10% Condition Duration

Damage bonus[edit]

Increase direct damage, usually with a condition that must be met.

Sigil Description
Sigil of Centaur Slaying + 3% / 5% / 10% damage vs Centaurs
Sigil of Destroyer Slaying + 3% / 5% / 10% damage vs Destroyers
Sigil of Demon Slaying
Sigil of Elemental Slaying
+ 3% / 5% / 10% damage vs Elementals
Sigil of Dreams + 3% / 5% / 10% damage vs Nightmare Court
Sigil of Ghost Slaying + 3% / 5% / 10% damage vs Ghosts
Sigil of Grawl Slaying + 3% / 5% / 10% damage vs Grawl
Sigil of Icebrood Slaying + 3% / 5% / 10% damage vs Icebrood
Sigil of Impact + 3% / 5% / 10% damage vs stunned or knocked down foes
Sigil of Justice + 3% / 5% / 10% damage vs Outlaws
Sigil of Karka Slaying + 3% / 5% / 10% damage vs Karka
Sigil of Mad Scientists + 3% / 5% / 10% damage vs Inquest
Sigil of the Night + 5% / 7% / 10% damage at night
Sigil of Ogre Slaying + 3% / 5% / 10% damage vs Ogres
Sigil of Serpent Slaying + 3% / 5% / 10% damage vs Krait
Sigil of Smothering + 3% / 5% / 10% damage vs Flame Legion
Sigil of Sorrow + 3% / 5% / 10% damage vs Dredge
Sigil of Undead Slaying + 3% / 5% / 10% damage vs Undead
Sigil of Wrath + 3% / 5% / 10% damage vs Sons of Svanir

Duration bonus[edit]

Increased Condition Duration for a specific condition, or increased base duration for a control effect
The following sigils no longer stack with themselves: Agony, Chilling, Debility, Hobbling, Peril, Smoldering, and Venom.

Sigil Description
Sigil of Agony + 10% / 15% / 20% longer Bleeding duration
Sigil of Chilling + 10% / 15% / 20% longer Chilled duration
Sigil of Debility + 10% / 15% / 20% longer Weakness duration
Sigil of Hobbling + 10% / 15% / 20% longer Crippled duration
Sigil of Paralyzation + 10% / 20% / 30% longer Stun duration
Sigil of Peril + 10% / 15% / 20% longer Vulnerability duration
Sigil of Smoldering + 10% / 15% / 20% longer Burning duration
Sigil of Venom + 10% / 15% / 20% longer Poison duration

Chance on hit[edit]

These sigils have a chance to activate on hit and have an internal cooldown.

Sigil Description
Sigil of Frailty 10% / 25% / 50% chance to inflict Vulnerability for 10 seconds (cooldown: 2s)
Sigil of Ice 10% / 20% / 30% chance to Chill your foe for 1s / 1s / 2s (cooldown: 10s)
Sigil of Water 10% / 20% / 30% chance to heal nearby allies (cooldown: 10s / 7s / 5s)
Sigil of Purity 60% chance to remove a condition (cooldown: 10s)

Chance on critical hit[edit]

These sigils have a chance to activate on critical hits, and they also have an internal cooldown.

Sigil Description
Sigil of Air 50% chance to cause a Lightning Strike on critical hit (cooldown: 7s / 5s / 3s)
Sigil of Blight 60% Chance on Critical: Area Poison Attack (2 Seconds, 240 radius) (cooldown: 8 Seconds)
Sigil of Blood 10% / 25% / 50% chance to steal life on critical hit (cooldown: 5s)
Sigil of Earth 30% / 45% / 60% chance to inflict Bleeding for 3s / 4s / 5s on critical hit (cooldown: 2s)
Sigil of Fire 50% chance to cause a Flame Blast on critical hit (cooldown: 9s / 7s / 5s)
Sigil of Generosity 20% / 40% / 60% chance to transfer a condition to your foe on critical hit (cooldown: 10s)
Sigil of Incapacitation 60% chance to inflict crippled for 2 seconds on critical hit (cooldown: 5s)
Sigil of Nullification 60% chance to remove a boon on critical hit (cooldown: 10s)
Sigil of Rage 50% chance to gain Quickness for 3 seconds on critical hit (cooldown: 30s)
Sigil of Strength 20% / 40%/ 60% chance to gain Might for 5s / 7s / 10s on critical hit (cooldown: 1s)
Sigil of Torment 50% chance to inflict AoE Torment for 5s on critical hit (cooldown: 5s)

On kill[edit]

These sigils apply their effect whenever a foe dies while the weapon is wielded. There are two subtypes.

Immediate bonus[edit]

Provides an instantaneous effect.

Sigil Description
Sigil of Luck 25% / 50% / 75% chance to gain a boon on kill
Sigil of Restoration Heals for 515 / 677 on kill (scales with healing power at a rate of 15%)
Sigil of Speed Grants 10s / 14s / 20s of Swiftness on kill
Superior Sigil of Stamina Endurance is refilled on kill

Stacking bonus[edit]

Gain stacks of an effect that grants an attribute bonus; maximum of 25 stacks. On-kill sigils now gain 5 stacks upon killing a player in all areas of the game. You can only have one attribute stacking bonus at a time. The bonus is lost when you are downed, when you travel to a different zone, or when you unequip the weapon. Unequip includes switching to and from underwater weapons while not having the identical sigil in the weapon sets that you start using.

Sigil Description
Sigil of Benevolence + 0.3% / 0.4% / 0.5% effectiveness of outgoing Healing per stack
Sigil of Bloodlust + 2 / 7 / 10 Power per stack
Sigil of Celerity Grants 3s / 4s / 5s of quickness at 25 stacks
Sigil of Corruption + 2 / 7 / 10 Condition Damage per stack
Superior Sigil of Cruelty + 10 Ferocity per stack
Superior Sigil of Demon Summoning At 25 charges, you summon a Fleshreaver.
Sigil of Life + 7 / 10 Healing Power per stack
Superior Sigil of Momentum + 5 Toughness per stack
Sigil of Perception + 7 / 10 Precision per stack

On weapon swap[edit]

These sigils activate whenever you weapon swap during combat to a set that includes the sigil; this includes changing elementalist attunements, equipping/stowing engineer kits, or dropping a bundle. There is an internal cooldown of nine seconds.

Sigil Description
Sigil of Battle Gain 1 / 2 stack(s) of Might for 20 seconds
Superior Sigil of Cleansing Remove 1 Condition
Sigil of Doom Inflict Poison for 4s / 6s / 8s on your next attack
Sigil of Energy Gain 25% / 50% of your endurance
Sigil of Geomancy Inflict Bleeding on nearby foes for 6s / 8s / 10s
Sigil of Hydromancy Damage nearby foes and inflict Chilled for 1s / 1.5s / 2s
Superior Sigil of Intelligence Your next 3 attacks have a 100% critical chance
Sigil of Leeching Your next attack steals health
Sigil of Mischief Launch 1 / 2 / 4 blinding snowballs at foes in front of you
Sigil of Renewal Heal allies within 180 / 240 / 360 range


  • A sigil affects all skills while the weapon set with the sigil is active. For example, with an off-hand sigil of force, damage is increased for main-hand, utility, and bundle skills. The effects continue during most transformations.
  • Rune of "demon summoning" doesn't hinder the normal "stat stacking" types.