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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars 2.
Mordremoth consumes magic from disrupted ley lines.

It seems Scarlet wanted to disrupt the flow of magic. This is what captured the attention of the dragon we heard. Her goal, all along... was the dragon.

Marionette Control Panel

Mordremoth is the most recent Elder Dragon to awaken whose spheres of influence are mind and plants. Mordremoth's minions are revealed to be the sylvari, as well as the beings known as Mordrem, throughout the storyline of Living World season 2.

Most Tyrians did not know about the so-called sixth or Jungle Dragon until Scarlet succeeded awakening it in early 1327 AE; most modern scholars believed there were five. This might be because the only references to a sixth dragon occur in a handful of dwarven texts and jotun stalea that lack any details about its nature or location. However, the Inquest's research into dragon magics have long allowed for the possibility of six dragons.

According to the Pale Tree, Mordremoth's corruption seeps in through the cracks in one's willpower – it is not yet known if Mordremoth can take over minds other than those of sylvari. Its influence first manifested in force when it destroyed Fort Salma and Concordia, and its search for magic has disrupted the network of waypoints, rendering those close by major ley lines unusable.

Modern evidence of a sixth dragon[edit]

Guild Wars dragons circa 2007; some of the first designs Kekai Kotaki did for the potential Elder Dragons in Guild Wars 2.
Six corners of the Infinite Coil Reactor

The Infinite Coil Reactor has six corners, each containing a "zone": five of the zones contain minions of a single Elder Dragon and follow a theme related to that dragon's location. The sixth, although mostly empty, follows a jungle theme, including the presence of Death Blossoms.

Six labs of the Crucible of Eternity

The Crucible of Eternity is the interior of the Infinite Coil Reactor and where the inquest experiments on minions of the elder dragons. The Experimental Lab Green follows a jungle theme and includes the Evolved Husk, a beast similar to the Summoned Husks seen in and around Twilight Arbor. Further, Kudu's creation, Subject Alpha, uses the Teeth of Mordremoth, an ability enabled by that dragon's corruption.

Other examples of Mordremoth's influence

Mordremoth's awakening[edit]

Scarlet's efforts[edit]

Concept art of an Elder Dragon.

In 1321 AE, Ceara, who would eventually become Scarlet Briar, first fears she is losing control of herself after experiencing nightmares of some dark entity. Later in 1323 AE, she writes in her journal that she must "put an end to this madness" by confronting it and learning about its "images of death, destruction, and destiny."

She then spent years traveling Tyria to study the engineering secrets of each of the races. As she appears extremely gifted, Omadd, the headmaster of the College of Synergetics, offers her the opportunity to "see into the Eternal Alchemy itself", using his isolation module. In theory, the device is supposed to momentarily disable the mind's self-protection systems so that it will open itself up to the truths of the Eternal Alchemy. In Ceara's case, it instead exposed her to Mordremoth's influence and likely broke her mind.

Disruption of the ley lines[edit]

Scarlet eventually launched a full-scale invasion of Lion's Arch, using her allies to distract any possible defenders, while she brought in the Breachmaker, a massive machine that she used to remove the ground beneath Sanctum Harbor. At the moment of her death, the drill broke through the earth and hit the ley line, disrupting the flow of energies that feed the dragons. Upon awakening, Mordremoth let out a roar that could be heard across all of Tyria.

No one has yet discovered why Scarlet sought to awaken this dragon; she may have done it to help Mordremoth arise early, as the sylvari are originally its minions. However, Scarlet's recordings reveal that she may have sought to fight the dragon instead of aiding it.


  • Before Scarlet's efforts, elder dragons had been awakening approximately every 50 years. Her disruption of the ley lines means that there was only a seven-year gap after the most recent awakening, that of Kralkatorrik.
  • In the past, each time a dragon awoke, a catastrophe has fallen on Tyria.
During Scarlet's Secret Room, Mordremoth's name is mentioned for the very first time (in in-game lore/storytelling). However, it is implied that the name is already well known to both the player and their companions.
The issue was recognized and addressed by Bobby Stein on the official forums: "(...) the player character’s knowledge of Mordremoth and how that fits into the story. For some players, this may have felt like it came out of nowhere" (source1). The possibility for a future fix has been vaguely mentioned, though not confirmed (source2).


  • Mordremoth's voice actor is Nolan North.[1]
  • Its name is similar to Mordred, a knight in Arthurian mythology.


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