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A boon is a type of effect that provides a buff to the recipient. Boons can be stacked by re-applying them: might stacks its intensity and the rest stack their duration; the duration can also be extended via the Boon Duration attribute. In the UI, boons are displayed via orange-colored icons that appear to the right of your health orb, on the top row of active effects; the white outline surrounding the icon indicates the time left before the boon expires. Placing your mouse on the boon's icon will also show the remaining time. Conditions are the primary counterpart to boons.

Boons appear on the top row of current effects.

List of boons[edit]

Icon Name Description
Aegis.png Aegis Block the next incoming attack; stacks duration.
Fury.png Fury Critical Chance increased by 20%; stacks duration.
Might.png Might Increased outgoing damage; stacks intensity.
Protection.png Protection Incoming damage decreased; stacks duration.
Regeneration.png Regeneration Gain health every second; stacks duration.
Retaliation.png Retaliation Reflect incoming damage back to its source; stacks duration.
Stability.png Stability Cannot be knocked down, pushed back, pulled, launched, stunned, dazed, floated, sunk, feared or taunted.
Swiftness.png Swiftness Movement speed increased by 33%; stacks duration.
Vigor.png Vigor Endurance regeneration increased by 100%; stacks duration.

Related skills[edit]

To see the skills which relate to a specific boon, refer to the page on that boon. The following is a list of skills that relate to boons in general.

Skills that remove boons[edit]

Weapon skills
Utility skills
Profession Mechanics
Elite skills

Skills that transfer boons[edit]

Weapon skills
Utility skills

Skills that transform conditions into boons[edit]

Utility skills
Profession mechanics

Skills that transform boons into conditions[edit]

Utility skills

Related traits[edit]

To see the traits which relate to a specific boon, refer to the page on that boon. The following is a list of traits related to non-specific boons.

Traits that grant boons[edit]

Traits that remove boons[edit]

Traits that benefit from boons[edit]

Traits that improve boons[edit]

Related equipment[edit]

To find equipment which affect a specific boon, refer to the page on the boon itself. The following is a list of equipment related to non-specific boons.

Upgrade components that grant boons[edit]



Upgrade components that remove boons[edit]



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