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Halloween Daily is a daily achievement category available during Halloween. Four achievements are available each day, each rewarding 1 Arenanet Points.png. Points granted by this category count as daily for the 10,000 daily Arenanet Points.png cap.

Three achievements were always available (Candy Craver, Halloween Costume Brawl Champion, and Pumpkin Hacker), and the fourth rotates each day in order of: Shut and Locked, then Trick-or-Treater, then Jumping Mad, then Grim Reaper of Grunts, before restarting.[verification requested]


Completing each achievement grants the following reward:

List of achievements[edit]

Shadow of the Mad King.png
Halloween Daily
Total achievements: 8 Arenanet Points.png
Candy Craver Arenanet Points.png
Eat 50 pieces of candy corn. 50/50 Candy Corn Consumed Arenanet Points.png
Grim Reaper of Grunts Arenanet Points.png
Defeat 40 Halloween minions. 40/40 Minions Slain Arenanet Points.png
Halloween Costume Brawl Champion Arenanet Points.png
Win 1 costume brawl during Halloween.Emerge as a champion from a costume brawl. 1/1 Costume Brawls Won Arenanet Points.png
Jumping Mad Arenanet Points.png
Complete the Mad King's Clock Tower jumping puzzle. 1/1 Mad King's Clock Tower Completed Arenanet Points.png
Pumpkin Hacker Arenanet Points.png
Carve 5 pumpkins. 5/5 Pumpkins Carved Arenanet Points.png
Shut And Locked Arenanet Points.png
Complete 5 door events. 5/5 Doors Completed Arenanet Points.png
Trick-or-Treater Arenanet Points.png
Open trick-or-treat bags. 10/10 Bags Opened Arenanet Points.png

Historical Achievements[edit]

Older achievements not available in 2016, also see the list of Halloween activites by year.

Blood and Madness.png
Halloween Daily (2012-2014)
Total achievements: 8 Arenanet Points.png
The Mad Inquisition Arenanet Points.png
Finish a game of Inquisition. (2012-2014 only) 1/1 Games of Inquisition Completed Arenanet Points.png


  • Prior to 2015, the Halloween Dailies were separate from other dailies and gave their own reward of 1 Laurel.png with completing four of the six available Halloween dailies.
    • Five achievements were always available (Candy Craver, Grim Reaper of Grunts, Halloween Costume Brawl Champion, Pumpkin Hacker and Trick-or-Treater) and the remaining sixth daily was rotating each day in order of: Shut and Locked, then The Mad Inquisition, and Jumping Mad, before restarting.


  • During 2014, keeping an achievement from the Halloween Daily in the achievement watchlist made it possible to access the achievement category even after Blood and Madness when it's hidden from the list. It is not possible to progress those achievements though.