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Salvaging is the process of obtaining crafting materials or upgrade components from other items through use of a variety of salvage kits.

Salvaging components[edit]

To salvage an item, double-click on a salvage kit, then click on the item to be salvaged. If the item stacks, such as salvage items, you can repeatedly salvage items from the stack. Alternatively, right-clicking the salvage kit allows it to automatically salvage items of CFine rarity or lower, DMasterwork rarity or lower, or ERare rarity, starting at the top of your inventory. Higher quality kits have a greater chance to receive a higher-tier crafting material than normal. Items can also be salvaged for their upgrade component. Higher quality kits also give a greater chance to recover the component while salvaging an item. Players will always receive a common crafting material.

The level or tier of the crafting material received from salvaging depends on the level of the item. Salvage items will give crafting material appropriate for the level of the area from which they were obtained. Globs of Ectoplasm are special crafting materials that have a chance to be obtained from salvaging rare and exotic items in addition to normal crafting materials and upgrade components. Items with a level requirement of 68 or above are substantially more likely to yield Ectoplasm, and higher quality kits yield more on average.

What can be salvaged[edit]

Three types of items can be salvaged:


These items cannot be salvaged

Salvaging results[edit]

By item type
By item quality
  • CFine or DMasterwork items can produce Essences of Luck
  • ERare items can produce Globs of Ectoplasm, with a substantially higher chance at a level requirement of 68 or higher.
  • FExotic items can produce Globs of Ectoplasm and Globs of Dark Matter, with a substantially higher chance at a level requirement of 68 or higher. Exotic weapons and armor with non-craftable prefixes also have a chance to produce an inscription or insignia for that prefix.
  • GAscended items can produce Balls of Dark Energy, Stabilizing Matrices, and other items unique to the equipment type.

Ascended equipment[edit]

Ascended equipment can be salvaged for Balls of Dark Energy, Stabilizing Matrices, and other items used in crafting.

Salvage kits

Ascended equipment requires a special salvage kit for salvaging ascended equipment.

Item-specific drops
Salvage rates