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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Thief profession. For the summoned Thief ally, see Thief (summon).

Experts at stealth and surprise, thieves can move through the shadows, vanish into thin air, or steal items from their opponents and use them as weapons. Thieves practice an agile, acrobatic fighting style, which can make them very hard to hit. Thief

Thieves are expert in the shadow arts. They utilize stealth and shadowstepping to surprise and to get close to their target. They're deadly in one-on-one combat using their agility, acrobatic fighting style, and the ability to steal to overcome their enemies. They have an affinity for setting traps and using venom. As an adventurer profession, thieves wear medium armor.


Thieves have the ability to steal an item from an enemy that they can use as an environmental weapon. In terms of game mechanics, the thief does not literally steal an item, but instead creates an environmental weapon based on the targeted creature's classification that the thief can store for later use. The stolen item will be taken from a pool of several possible items for each creature classification, including opposing players in PvP.

The thief's weapon skills have no recharge time; instead they use initiative. This resource allows the thief to use attacks back-to-back and more quickly in a unique pattern. The cost of initiative is being unable to use weapon skills while waiting for the initiative bar to regenerate over time. Thieves also have their own special weapon skill types; dual wield skills, Stealth Attacks and shadowstep skills.

Thieves are less powerful in terms of durability in comparison to some professions. They must rely on stealth, evasion, surprise attacks, and debilitating and damaging conditions to overpower their opponents. An experienced thief can take on multiple targets but preferably one at a time. The thief is the only profession in the game that does not have any way to gain 1200 range with any weapon (although it has access to a 1500 stealing range through traits)


See list of thief skills.

Special skill types[edit]

  • Dual wield — Skills are determined by the combination of main-hand and off-hand weapons equipped.
  • Shadowstepping — Certain skills allow the thief to disappear from one location and then instantly appear at a different location by traveling through the shadows.
  • Stealth — Thieves have access to multiple skills that, for a short duration, make them invisible to enemy players and avoid aggro from hostile NPCs. While stealthed, the thief is not targettable, but can still be damaged by area of effect, and attacking from stealth will break the deception.
    • Stealth Attacks — These special skills replace the first weapon skill of the thief's skill bar while in stealth.
  • Traps — Placed at a thief's current location and cause an effect whenever an enemy triggers it.
  • Venoms - Apply a creature's venom to your weapon to inflict conditions with next several attacks.


A thief has five trait lines to choose from:

See list of thief traits.



The thief is an adventurer profession and wears medium armor.


There are seven possible weapon sets for this profession and two weapon sets while underwater. The thief can switch between two weapon sets in combat.

  • Two-handed
    • Short bow — Ranged mobile weapon with AoE attacks and shadow step ability.
  • Main-hand
    • Sword — Flanking sword attacks provide extra evasiveness and controls enemy movement.
    • Dagger — Jump on a foe, attack quickly and inflict many conditions on them.
    • Pistol — Ranged shots from pistol leave enemies vulnerable to following attacks.
  • Off-hand
    • Dagger — Gives access to skills that allow quick escape by crippling the enemy or vanishing from sight.
    • Pistol — Ranged weapon used to quickly retreat or to daze the target by a shot to the head or from a pistol whip.
  • Aquatic
    • Harpoon gun — Bombard enemy with ranged attacks - good for kiting with several attacks that cause movement impairment.
    • Spear — Rapid melee counterattacks spiced up with the usual thief tricks.


The following crafting disciplines can create items that are useful to the thief:

Personal story[edit]

In the biography step of character creation, thieves must choose what they believe is the most important characteristic to have in their line of work - anonymity, determination, or subterfuge.

In my line of work, it's important to understand the power of _____.
Biography Anonymity.png Anonymity — My talents lie in the art of stealth, infiltration, and escape. I do not draw attention to myself. To protect my identity, I hide my face behind a mask of darkness.
Biography Determination.png Determination — I mean business. I'm the bruiser, the muscle, the bear you don't want to poke. My headband keeps my vision clear, no matter how physical I get.
Biography Subterfuge.png Subterfuge — A mask draws attention, and an uncovered face allows people to identify you. I prefer a more subtle subterfuge. A drawn hood lets me blend into the crowd, and no one knows I was there.



  • The thief was previewed under this image until its unveiling on March 11th, 2011.
  • While being a confirmed reworking of the original assassin with no lore parallels between the two, the thief was the second profession unveiled not to be in the original Guild Wars.
  • This profession was originally leaked by an early video showing the second Guild Wars 2 demo.[1]

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