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Disambig icon.png This article is about the class of weapon. For the specific weapon sold by NPC weaponsmiths, see Mace (weapon).
Mace concept art.jpg

The mace is a one-handed weapon that may also be used in the off-hand. Maces can be crafted by a weaponsmith. The maximum damage range is 940 - 1,060.


[edit] Skills by profession

Skill Type Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description

[edit] Guardian tango icon 20px.png Guardian

True Strike.png
 True Strike
0.5½ Smash your foe.
1 Redirect Arrow.png
Pure Strike.png
 Pure Strike
0.5½ Bash your foe.
1 Redirect Arrow.png
Faithful Strike.png
 Faithful Strike
1 Hit your foe with a final strike and heal nearby allies.
Symbol of Faith.png
 Symbol of Faith
Symbol 10.25¼ 8 Smash a mystic symbol onto the ground that damages foes and regenerates allies.
Protector's Strike.png
 Protector's Strike
30.75¾ 15 Surround yourself and nearby allies with a shield. Damage foes that strike protected allies. Grant protection to yourself and nearby allies if you are not struck.

[edit] Warrior tango icon 20px.png Warrior

Chain Arrow Toolbelt.png
Skull Crack.png
 Skull Crack
Burst 0.5½ 10 Stun your foe with a skull crack. Effect increases with adrenaline level.
Mace Smash.png
 Mace Smash
0.5½ Smash your foe.
1 Redirect Arrow.png
Mace Bash.png
 Mace Bash
0.5½ Bash your foe.
1 Redirect Arrow.png
0.75¾ Thrash your foe, leaving them weakened.
10 Block the next attack. Counter with an attack if you are in melee range. Gain adrenaline if not attacked.
2 Redirect Arrow.png
Adrenaline Rush (mace skill).png
 Adrenaline Rush
Stop blocking and gain adrenaline.
Pommel Bash.png
 Pommel Bash
15 Daze your foe with a brutal pommel bash.
Crushing Blow.png
 Crushing Blow
0.75¾ 15 Crush your opponent's armor, leaving them vulnerable.
0.5½ 25 Send a wave toward your foe that knocks down foes in a line.

[edit] Traits by profession

[edit] Guardian tango icon 20px.png Guardian

[edit] Warrior tango icon 20px.png Warrior

[edit] See Also

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