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Daily PvP was an achievement category for achievements earned by doing a set of simple tasks each day in Structured PvP. The Daily PvP was merged into the more global Daily with the April 2014 Feature Pack


The reward for completing all four of them each day was

plus one of the following:

Bonus reward[edit]

There is a chance of getting an additional Gem Store item. You may get one of the following rewards:


Daily PvP achievements are recurring and always have a single tier.

Daily PvP Achievement.png
Total achievements: 8 Arenanet Points.png
Daily Player Kills Arenanet Points.png
Kill, or help kill, an enemy player in a PvP match.Maybe they'll stay down today. X/5 Player Kills Arenanet Points.png
Daily Captures Arenanet Points.png
Help capture a point in a PvP matchThis looks like a nice spot for a picnic X/3 Points Captured Arenanet Points.png
Daily Top Stats Arenanet Points.png
Earn a top scoreboard stat on your team in a PvP match.There's more than one way to contribute. You find the one that works. X/1 Top Stat Awarded Arenanet Points.png
Daily Matches Played Arenanet Points.png
Complete any PvP match.Win or lose, you see it through to the end. X/3 Matches Played Arenanet Points.png
Solo Arena Three Wins Arenanet Points.png
Win 3 Solo Arena Matches in PvPYou're on a roll; don't stop now! X/3 Solo Arena Wins Arenanet Points.png
Team Arena Two Wins Arenanet Points.png
Win 2 Team Arena Matches in PvPTeam victory tastes so sweet. X/2 Team Arena Wins Arenanet Points.png
Five Total Solo Arena Wins Arenanet Points.png
Win 2 Solo Arena Matches in PvPThere is no I in team, but there is me. X/2 Solo Arena Wins Arenanet Points.png
Three Total Team Arena Wins Arenanet Points.png
Win 1 Team Arena Match in PvPTeam victory tastes so sweet. X/1 Team Arena Wins Arenanet Points.png

Daily Top Stats[edit]

Any category which rewards glory is a possible candidate for top stats. These are listed on the bottom of the team score window. Most are common across all maps, but some are map specific. The following is a list of all categories:

  • Objective Assaulter
  • Objective Defender
  • Objective Neutralizer
  • Objective Capturer
  • Player Kills
  • Skirmisher
  • Teammate Revivals
  • Points Scored


  • This achievement category was introduced in the November, 15th 2012 update.
  • Prior to the December, 10th 2013 update, Daily PvP unlike Daily, did not have a chance for additional bonus items, and completing them did not grant coin.