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Ascended equipment

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Ascended item (right) pictured next to an Exotic item (left) with lower stats.

Ascended equipment refers to equipment of GAscended quality, with a level 80 requirement and stats higher than FExotic quality equipment.


[edit] Upgrade and infusion slots

See also: Infusion

Ascended trinkets do not have an upgrade slot, instead each have stats comparable to having a "built in" jewel of ascended quality. Ascended weapons have a standard upgrade slot. With few exceptions, every ascended item also has an infusion slot. Infusions add small attribute bonuses, agony resistance, and/or other unique bonuses.

Infusion slots come in three varieties (offensive, defensive, or utility), which restrict the type of infusion that can be inserted. Note that adding an infusion to an item is not the same as creating the "infused" version of that item (the two are separate and cumulative).

Two-handed weapons have two infusion slots instead of one.

[edit] Acquisition

[edit] Armor

Primary article: Ascended armor

Ascended armor is crafted at Grandmaster rank in the appropriate crafting discipline or dropped rarely from anything that can provide GAscended crafting material

[edit] Weapons

Primary article: Ascended weapon

Ascended weapons are crafted at Grandmaster rank in the appropriate crafting discipline or dropped rarely from anything that provides GAscended crafting material.

[edit] Trinkets

Primary article: List of ascended trinkets

Ascended rings rarely drop from Fractals of the Mists daily reward chests. Ascended trinkets can be purchased or crafted the following ways:

Laurel Vendor WvW Laurel Vendor BUY-4373 Guild Commendations Mystic Forge
Amulet 30 Laurel.png 20 Laurel.png + 250 Badge of Honor.png Triforge Pendant (ascended).png Triforge Pendant
Ring 35 Laurel.png 25 Laurel.png + 250 Badge of Honor.png 10 Pristine Fractal Relic.png
Accessory 40 Laurel.png + 50 Glob of Ectoplasm.png 40 Laurel.png + 50 Glob of Ectoplasm.png 12 Guild Commendation.png + Gold coin
Backpiece 1,850 Fractal Relic.png1 Ascended Recipes

1One ascended Prototype Fractal Capacitor is created with a Prototype Fractal Capacitor (1,350 Fractal Relic.png) and a Gift of Ascension (500 Fractal Relic.png) in the mystic forge.

[edit] Notes

  • All ascended trinkets are unique, meaning you cannot equip two identical trinkets at the same time.
  • No additional tiers are planned after Ascended, but there are plans to enhance or gain items within the existing rarity design whose properties continue on a shallow power curve. Future progression will also be based on earning newly introduced skills.[1][2]
  • Ascended weapon boxes can drop anywhere Ascended materials or items can be found, including the Fractal Daily Chest and Champion Boxes.

[edit] Trivia

Gwwlogo.png The Guild Wars Wiki has an article on Infusion.

[edit] References

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  2. ^ Chris Whiteside; AMA on Reddit
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