The Shatterer

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It's unlike anything we've ever seen before, huge, vicious, and powerful.

Tactical Officer Smokemane

The Shatterer is a World boss, also called the Beast by some Sentinels, and a rank given to a champion of Kralkatorrik. At any given time, there's only a single dragon of this rank. Once a Shatterer dies, the title moves on to a different dragon[1]. The Shatterer regularly patrols the Dragonbrand within Blazeridge Steppes, commanding the Branded within. It is said to be one of the forces keeping the corruption active in the area. The Sentinels and Vigil are both actively fighting the Shatterer.




Combat abilities[edit]

  • Impale - The Shatterer slams down on the ground, sending multiple lines of crystalline shockwaves that get larger the further away from the Shatterer it is.
  • Imprisonment Crystals - The Shatterer imprisons a number of players in crystals that will explode in time.
  • Shard Storm - The Shatterer launches up into the sky and calls down fire and lightning which spawns Branded and damages those it hits.
  • Summons Pulsating Crystals - The Shatterer becomes untargetable and summons a series of Pulsating Crystals that heal him.
  • Targetting - The Shatterer roars, spitting out fiery projectiles.


  • His breakbar
  • Healing Crystals
  • Laser (aimed at people gliding)
  • Trapping players in crystals
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Turret, Mortars, and Launchpads

During the whole fight, players have access to the turrets, mortars, and launchpads. You must use each of them once for the Shattering Setup achievement. The turret gives you two abilities: a single target bomb attack and a AoE bleed and cripple bomb attack. The mortar gives you two abilities: a bomb attack and a med kit deployment skill (that deploys med kits for other players, which count toward the Medic! achievement.) Finally, the launchpad launches players into the air. Players that have Glider Basics will be able to glide mid-jump and gain access to three abilities. The first two are the same as the mortar (and also count towards Medic!) and the third is a self-heal. If the Shatterer targets a player while gliding, he will hit that player with an attack that will knock them out of the sky and potentially kill them; they can dodge the attack for the Shattering Evasion achievement.



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