Bell Choir Ensemble

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Bell Choir Ensemble

Bell Choir Ensemble map.jpg
Map of Bell Choir Ensemble

Bell Choir Ensemble.jpg
Bell Choir Ensemble

  • Speak to a snowman to choose a Stage and Part.
  • Position your camera to look directly down on the stage.
  • Use the skills assigned to the 1-4 and 6-9 keys to play notes.
  • Earn points by playing notes that reach the stage's blue circle and stop moving.
  • You'll know you missed a note if you take damage.
  • Miss too many notes and you'll need to wait until the next song to play.
  • Survive all six songs and get the highest score you can!

— Instructions

Bell Choir Ensemble is a non-combat, music-based activity only available during Wintersday to play Guild Wars-themed songs with Choir Bells.


  • There are four stages, each with a lower, middle, and upper sections. Players can talk to the Snowman to travel to other stages and pick which section to play, if available.
  • During each song, colored spheres travel across the stage toward you. When the sphere reaches in inner blue ring, activate the correct skill to earn points.
    • Each skill is color-coded to match the sphere and section of the stage it travels down.
    • Missing a note or playing a note at the incorrect time will cause the player to take damage.
    • Play a note at the correct time and your health is restored.
  • Hit every note in a song to gain 100 points at the end. Every note you miss will subtract points based on how many total notes are in the song.
    • It is still possible to get a perfect score even if you play a note at the wrong time or play a wrong note, so long as you hit all of the correct notes as well
    • If you lose all your health, you miss out on points for that song and must wait until the next song to play again.



Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Plays the note Do.
Plays the note Re.
Plays the note Me.
Plays the note Fa.
You cannot use skills while transformed.
Plays the note Sol.
La (Bell Choir).png
Plays the note La.
Plays the note Te.
Do (higher).png
Plays the note Do.
Lightning Flash.png
 Exit Stage
Leave the bell choir stage, and forfeit this song. No points will be gained.


  • Karma.png Karma (1,000 per song; up to 10,000 daily bonus from 3 songs)
  • Wintersday Gift.png Wintersday Gift
    • Easy songs (1)
    • Medium songs (3)
    • Hard songs (5)


The following achievements are obtainable during Wintersday 2015:

Achievement Default mastery point 16 Arenanet Points.png
Sounds of the Season Wintersday achievement.png A Very Merry Wintersday Arenanet Points.png
Complete songs in the Bell Choir 3 times during Wintersday.Getting the right notes is harder than expected.
Reward: Winter Music Score.png Winter Music Score
Completed 1 Bell Choir Songs Arenanet Points.png
Completed 2 Bell Choir Songs Arenanet Points.png
Completed 3 Bell Choir Songs Arenanet Points.png
The Bells of Wintersday Wintersday achievement.png A Very Merry Wintersday Arenanet Points.png
Complete songs in Bell Choir Ensemble.Now you're the maestro.
Reward:Personalized Wintersday Gift.png Personalized Wintersday Gift
30 Bell Choir Songs Completed Arenanet Points.png
Ringing the Right Notes Wintersday achievement.png A Very Merry Wintersday 10 Arenanet Points.png
Play the correct notes in Bell Choir Ensemble.Part of the symphony.
Reward: 10 Personalized Wintersday Gift.png Personalized Wintersday Gift
10 Correct Notes Played Arenanet Points.png
100 Correct Notes Played Arenanet Points.png
250 Correct Notes Played Arenanet Points.png
500 Correct Notes Played Arenanet Points.png

Tips and Tricks[edit]

  • If you are waiting for a song to start and you are not at full health, you can spam notes to quickly heal yourself before the next song begins. This must be done only when you are waiting for the next round to begin (waiting for other players). If you do this while the song is still playing then you will lose health instead of healing.
  • It helps to position your camera so that it faces directly down onto the stage, zoomed as far out as possible. This makes it easier to see the notes before you play them.
  • If you’re having a hard time with the difficult songs, stick around until the playlist repeats. You’ll still be rewarded for completing the easier songs.
  • Try playing the number keys like a real keyboard, with one finger on each key. This helps with large leaps between notes.
  • Try placing the mouse cursor between notes 4 and 5 on the stage. This will act as a visual separation between your left and right hand.


In certain instances, players may take continuous damage, regardless if the notes were played correctly.
  • The pitches available to each player form a scale in Dorian mode (minor with a raised 6th scale degree) beginning on D. Pressing 1 will play a D, 2 will play an E, 3 is F, 4 is G, 6 is A, 7 is B, 8 is C, and 9 is a D an octave above the first one. The upper, middle, and lower parts each contain the same notes, only an octave apart.
  • In Wintersday 2012 Personalized Wintersday Gifts were rewarded instead.
  • Entering this activity strips characters of all nutrition bonuses, including ones created by Wintersday items.


  • This activity draws inspiration from the rhythm gaming genre, specifically from the Guitar Hero franchise — the colors of the lower 5 notes (Do, Re Mi, Fa, Sol) match the 5 note keys in that game (green, red, yellow, blue, orange).

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