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Warriors are masters of weaponry who rely on speed, strength, toughness, and heavy armor to survive in battle. Adrenaline fuels their offensive power—the longer warriors stay in a fight, the more dangerous they become.

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Warriors are masters of martial skills. They're versatile in combat and benefit from offensive and defensive abilities. Warriors inspire allies and demoralize enemies. As a soldier profession, warriors wear heavy armor.


Adrenaline is the warrior profession's unique mechanic. As the warrior attacks, adrenaline is built up and can be spent on a single powerful burst attack. Each weapon set has a single burst skill which has a variety of different conditions that improve with more adrenaline. Adrenaline has three levels, and each adrenaline level increases the effect of the burst skill, and can also provide the warrior with other improvements like increased damage or health regeneration.

The warrior also has the highest selection of weapons compared to other professions, giving a good variation between the types of play-styles that they can choose from.

Like the other soldier profession, the guardian, warrior wears heavy armor which grants them high defense. However, to make up for the lack of guardian's healing abilities, warrior has much higher base health.


See list of warrior skills.

Skill types unique to warrior[edit]

  • Physicalutility skills which deal direct damage and control the tide of battle.
  • Banners — banner skills produce an environmental weapon that passively, or via unique skills, benefits nearby allies. The banner can be picked up and carried around, or it can be planted in an area, allowing the carrier to continue fighting normally.
  • Stance is a warrior skill type that grants temporary bonuses to the user like increased adrenaline gain or defensive abilities.


A warrior has five general trait lines to choose from:

See list of warrior traits.



The warrior is a soldier profession and wears heavy armor.


  • Two-handed
    • Hammer — Pounds the ground with area of effect attacks that can stagger a group of enemies.
    • Greatsword — Sweeping, brutal attacks which carry the greatsword's momentum from foe to foe.
    • Longbow — Massive fire damage used to keep hordes of enemies at bay from afar.
    • Rifle — Inflict various conditions and unleash powerful attacks against a single target.
  • Main-hand
    • Axe — Can quickly build up adrenaline and can deliver powerful high damage attacks.
    • Sword — Quick and mobile, with many opportunities to cause bleeding.
    • Mace — Mainly a defensive weapon, the mace can also leave enemies susceptible to further blows.
  • Off-hand
    • Shield — Used to bash foes or block incoming attacks.
    • Warhorn — Grants boons to allies, facilitating mobility.
    • Axe — Can be used to strike with both weapons simultaneously or storm with a whirling attack.
    • Sword — Can be thrown at enemies or to block and retaliate.
    • Mace — Used to crush the armor of a foe or stun foes in front by slamming the mace on the ground.
  • Aquatic
    • Harpoon gun — Long range mechanical weapon which inflicts conditions.
    • Spear — Close range martial weapon with several multi-hit attacks.

There are 19 possible weapon sets for the warrior profession and two weapon sets while underwater. The warrior can equip and alternate between two weapon sets, but doing so in combat induces a recharge to prevent continuous switching between weapons. This recharge can be decreased by equipping the Fast Hands trait once gained.


The following crafting disciplines can create items that are useful to the warrior:

Personal story[edit]

In the biography step of character creation, warriors may choose from a spangenhelm, a cap helm, or no helm at all (Pauldrons).



  • The warrior was previewed under this image until its unveiling on the 9th June 2010.

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