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Gathering is the act of collecting crafting materials from resource nodes, including metal ore from veins, wood logs from trees, and cooking ingredients from non-tree plants. Nodes are visible on the compass until tapped by the active character.

Before gathering, your character must equip a gathering tool of the right type and level: mining picks for ore, logging axes for wood, and harvesting sickles for plants. Levels range from copper tools for tier 1 nodes to orichalcum tools for tier 6. Standard tools start with 100 uses (50 for sickles), although higher-use tools are available at certain vendors and infinite-use tools are sometimes available from the Gem Store.

The amount and quality of materials dropped depends only on the node and the type of tool; gathering does not depend on any discipline or profession. Gathering with inferior tools always results in finding ruined resources and certain high-quality tools will generate additional resources. Rich mining veins can be gathered ten times as opposed to three and have a higher chance to give rare gems.

Gathering tools[edit]

Primary article: Gathering tool

You can usually find a merchant offering gathering tools in large towns, some small ones, as well as some karma vendors, especially after completing a heart quest. Master craftsmen also sell these tools.

Resource nodes[edit]

At a glance[edit]

Nodes can be found randomly distributed within logical ranges, e.g. underground and rocky areas are likely to have ore or mushroom nodes, forests will have wood nodes, and farms are more likely places to find vegetables. A node farm is an area with six or more plants of same type clustered together.

Node type Compass icon Main Yield Rare Additional Yield Harvesting tool required Ruined resource
Plant resource (map icon).png
Ingredients Dandelion Blossom
Harvesting sickles Ruined Plant Fiber
Wood resource (map icon).png
Logs Cinnamon Stick
Hidden Treasure
Logging axe Ruined Log
Mine resource (map icon).png
Ore Gemstone Mining pick Ruined Ore Chunk

Respawn rate[edit]

Nodes are distributed randomly in each zone among a number of pre-set locations and redistributed any time a new instance is created, e.g. after a game update or server maintenance. Most nodes can be used by each character on an account and will reset (for that character) a few hours after gathering.


Required tools, by zone level[edit]

Tool prefix Applicable area level
Copper 1-25
Iron 20-50
Steel 30-60
Darksteel 45-65
Mithril 60-79
Orichalcum 75-80
  • Some zones include resources with different level requirements, e.g. Darksteel tools can be used in most parts of Mount Maelstrom, while some nodes require mithril tools.
  • The strength of the the master tools obtained as Personal Story rewards depends on the level of the story: a steel-equivalent tool from the L15 story, darksteel at L35, and an orichalcum-equivalent from the L60 story.

Plant resource (map icon).png

In addition to the items listed below, harvesting plants will occasionally yield:

Copper Harvesting Sickle
Node name Possible crop
Blueberry Bush Blueberry.png Blueberry
Button Mushrooms Mushroom.png Mushroom
Carrots Carrot.png Carrot
Herb Patch Black Peppercorn.png Black Peppercorn
Parsley Leaf.png Parsley Leaf
Thyme Leaf.png Thyme Leaf
Herb Seedlings Black Peppercorn.png Black Peppercorn
Head of Garlic.png Head of Garlic
Parsley Leaf.png Parsley Leaf
Thyme Leaf.png Thyme Leaf
Vanilla Bean.png Vanilla Bean
Lettuce Head of Lettuce.png Head of Lettuce
Onions Onion.png Onion
Potato Potato.png Potato
Iron Harvesting Sickle
Node name Possible crop
Clam Clam.png Clam
Pearl.png Pearl
Herb Sprouts Bay Leaf.png Bay Leaf
Black Peppercorn.png Black Peppercorn
Chili Pepper.png Chili Pepper
Head of Garlic.png Head of Garlic
Oregano Leaf.png Oregano Leaf
Parsley Leaf.png Parsley Leaf
Sage Leaf.png Sage Leaf
Thyme Leaf.png Thyme Leaf
Spinach Spinach Leaf.png Spinach Leaf
Strawberry Patch Strawberry.png Strawberry
Taproots Beet.png Beet
Carrot.png Carrot
Sage Leaf.png Sage Leaf
Turnip.png Turnip
Steel Harvesting Sickle
Master Harvesting Sickle (Level 15)
Node name Possible crop
Cabbage Head of Cabbage.png Head of Cabbage
Grapes Grape.png Grape
Kale Kale Leaf.png Kale Leaf
Root Vegetables Beet.png Beet
Carrot.png Carrot
Turnip.png Turnip
Yam.png Yam
Varied Mushrooms Mushroom.png Mushroom
Portobello Mushroom.png Portobello Mushroom
Young Herbs Bay Leaf.png Bay Leaf
Black Peppercorn.png Black Peppercorn
Chili Pepper.png Chili Pepper
Dill Sprig.png Dill Sprig
Head of Garlic.png Head of Garlic
Parsley Leaf.png Parsley Leaf
Rosemary Sprig.png Rosemary Sprig
Sage Leaf.png Sage Leaf
Sesame Seed.png Sesame Seed
Thyme Leaf.png Thyme Leaf
Zucchini Zucchini.png Zucchini
Darksteel Harvesting Sickle
Node name Possible crop
Blackberries Blackberry.png Blackberry
Cauliflower Head of Cauliflower.png Head of Cauliflower
Coral Coral Chunk.png Coral Chunk
Coral Orb.png Coral Orb
Coral Tentacle.png Coral Tentacle
Mature Herbs Bay Leaf.png Bay Leaf
Chili Pepper.png Chili Pepper
Coriander Seed.png Coriander Seed
Dill Sprig.png Dill Sprig
Head of Garlic.png Head of Garlic
Mint Leaf.png Mint Leaf
Rosemary Sprig.png Rosemary Sprig
Sesame Seed.png Sesame Seed
Thyme Leaf.png Thyme Leaf
Vanilla Bean.png Vanilla Bean
Portobello Mushrooms Portobello Mushroom.png Portobello Mushroom
Scallions Green Onion.png Green Onion
Onion.png Onion
Sugar Pumpkin Sugar Pumpkin.png Sugar Pumpkin
Variegated Taproots Carrot.png Carrot
Rutabaga.png Rutabaga
Turnip.png Turnip
Mithril Harvesting Sickle
Master Harvesting Sickle (Level 35)
Node name Possible crop
Artichoke Artichoke.png Artichoke
Asparagus Asparagus Spear.png Asparagus Spear
Blooming Passiflora Passion Fruit.png Passion Fruit
Passion Flower.png Passion Flower (guaranteed)
Butternut Squash Butternut Squash.png Butternut Squash
Cayenne Pepper Cayenne Pepper.png Cayenne Pepper
Cluster of Herbs Head of Garlic.png Head of Garlic
Lemongrass.png Lemongrass
Coriander Seed.png Coriander Seed
Tarragon Leaves.png Tarragon Leaves
Leeks Green Onion.png Green Onion
Leek.png Leek
Passiflora Passion Fruit.png Passion Fruit
Passion Flower.png Passion Flower (low chance)
Raspberries Raspberry.png Raspberry
Verdant Herbs Clove.png Clove
Head of Garlic.png Head of Garlic
Mint Leaf.png Mint Leaf
Sage Leaf.png Sage Leaf
Tarragon Leaves.png Tarragon Leaves
Thyme Leaf.png Thyme Leaf
Vanilla Bean.png Vanilla Bean
Winter Root Vegetables Beet.png Beet
Parsnip.png Parsnip
Rutabaga.png Rutabaga
Turnip.png Turnip
Orichalcum Harvesting Sickle
Master Harvesting Sickle (Level 60)
Node name Possible crop
Black Crocus Saffron Thread.png Saffron Thread
Cactus Nopale.png Nopale
Prickly Pear.png Prickly Pear
Ghost Pepper Ghost Pepper.png Ghost Pepper
Lotus Lotus Root.png Lotus Root
Omnomberries Omnomberry.png Omnomberry
Orrian Truffle Orrian Truffle.png Orrian Truffle
Seaweed Seaweed.png Seaweed
Snow Truffle Snow Truffle.png Snow Truffle

Wood resource (map icon).png

Axe Material Node name Log Extras
Copper Aspen, Ekku, Kertch Green Wood Log.png Green Wood Log Amber Pebble.png Amber Pebble
Cinnamon Stick.png Cinnamon Stick
Iron Gummo, Mimosa, Snow Cherry Soft Wood Log.png Soft Wood Log Cinnamon Stick.png Cinnamon Stick
Hidden Stash.png Hidden Stash
Walnut.png Walnut
Master Logging Axe (Level 15)
Fir, Tukawa Seasoned Wood Log.png Seasoned Wood Log Hidden Cache.png Hidden Cache
Walnut.png Walnut
Darksteel Banyan, Inglewood, Pine Hard Wood Log.png Hard Wood Log Hidden Hoard.png Hidden Hoard
Master Logging Axe (Level 35)
Baoba, Cypress, Red Oak Elder Wood Log.png Elder Wood Log Hidden Trove.png Hidden Trove
Foxfire Cluster.png Foxfire Cluster
Master Logging Axe (Level 60)
Ancient, Orrian Ancient Wood Log.png Ancient Wood Log Hidden Treasure.png Hidden Treasure
Foxfire Cluster.png Foxfire Cluster

Mine resource (map icon).png

Pick Material Node name Ore Gemstones
Copper Copper Ore & Rich Copper Vein Copper Ore.png Copper Ore Garnet Pebble.png Garnet Pebble
Malachite Pebble.png Malachite Pebble
Tiger's Eye Pebble.png Tiger's Eye Pebble
Turquoise Pebble.png Turquoise Pebble
Iron Iron Ore & Rich Iron Vein
Silver Ore & Rich Silver Vein
Iron Ore.png Iron Ore
Silver Ore.png Silver Ore
Amethyst Nugget.png Amethyst Nugget
Carnelian Nugget.png Carnelian Nugget
Lapis Nugget.png Lapis Nugget
Peridot Nugget.png Peridot Nugget
Spinel Nugget.png Spinel Nugget
Sunstone Nugget.png Sunstone Nugget
Topaz Nugget.png Topaz Nugget
Master Mining Pick (Level 15)
Gold Ore & Rich Gold Vein Gold Ore.png Gold Ore Amethyst Lump.png Amethyst Lump
Carnelian Lump.png Carnelian Lump
Lapis Lump.png Lapis Lump
Peridot Lump.png Peridot Lump
Spinel Lump.png Spinel Lump
Sunstone Lump.png Sunstone Lump
Topaz Lump.png Topaz Lump
Darksteel Platinum Ore & Rich Platinum Vein Platinum Ore.png Platinum Ore Beryl Shard.png Beryl Shard
Chrysocola Shard.png Chrysocola Shard
Emerald Shard.png Emerald Shard
Opal Shard.png Opal Shard
Ruby Shard.png Ruby Shard
Sapphire Shard.png Sapphire Shard
Master Mining Pick (Level 35)
Mithril Ore & Rich Mithril Vein Mithril Ore.png Mithril Ore Beryl Crystal.png Beryl Crystal
Chrysocola Crystal.png Chrysocola Crystal
Emerald Crystal.png Emerald Crystal
Opal Crystal.png Opal Crystal
Ruby Crystal.png Ruby Crystal
Sapphire Crystal.png Sapphire Crystal
Master Mining Pick (Level 60)
Orichalcum Ore & Rich Orichalcum Vein Orichalcum Ore.png Orichalcum Ore Beryl Orb.png Beryl Orb
Chrysocola Orb.png Chrysocola Orb
Emerald Orb.png Emerald Orb
Opal Orb.png Opal Orb
Ruby Orb.png Ruby Orb
Sapphire Orb.png Sapphire Orb

Special nodes[edit]

Special resource nodes also appear during certain events. These nodes can also be obtained for your home instance, after obtaining the relevant upgrade from a laurel vendor or via the Living Story

Associated event Pick Material Node name Main Yield Rare Additional Yield Home instance upgrade
Halloween Copper Raw Candy Corn
Rich Candy Corn Vein
Piece of Candy Corn.png Piece of Candy Corn Trick-or-Treat Bag.png Trick-or-Treat Bag (Halloween only) Gift of Candy Corn.png Gift of Candy Corn
Bazaar of the Four Winds
Festival of the Four Winds
Dry Top
Copper Quartz Crystal Formation Quartz Crystal.png Quartz Crystal Charged Quartz Crystal.png Charged Quartz Crystal
Quartz Crystal.png Quartz Crystal x5
Gift of Quartz.png Gift of Quartz
The Origins of Madness Copper Sprocket Generator Watchwork Sprocket.png Watchwork Sprocket Blade Shard.png Blade Shard Gift of Sprockets.png Gift of Sprockets

Gathering modifiers[edit]

There are several ways to increase the chance at extra resources when gathering.

Effect Source Bonus chance Notes
Gathering Booster Bonus.png Gathering Booster Bonus Gathering Booster
Enchanted Reward Boost
33% Gain swiftness when gathering
Guild Gathering Boost.png Guild Gathering Boost Guild Gathering Banner 10% Does not stack with other guild banner effect.
Guild Gathering Banner Boost.png Guild Gathering Banner Boost Guild Gathering and Swiftness Banner
Guild Heroes Banner
15% Does not stack with other guild banner effect.
+10% Gathering Bonus for 48 Hours +10% Gathering Bonus for 48 Hours Guild bonus 10%
Power of the Mists.png Gatherer World versus World bonus 2-20% Temporary bonus based on world score


  • Gathering behaves like a skill that requires you to be within a certain range of a node; it can be interrupted by control effects.

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