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Guild Commendations are a currency earned by participating in guild missions while representing that guild. They are stored in the Account Wallet.


Both Guild Traders and Guild commendation traders sell items that use this currency.


Primary article: Guild mission#Rewards

1 or 2 guild Commendations are received at the successful completion of each Guild mission in a small chest that appears on the lower-right of the screen. Double-click this small chest to receive the Guild Commendations and additional loot. The small chest will not appear if Guild Commendations have already been received for the current type of mission that week, if you are not representing a Guild that has activated the current mission or if you have not personally fulfilled the minimum requirements (generally getting one or more hits on mobs associated with the mission). If all missions are successfully completed then each week you will receive between 12 and 15 guild commendations in addition to Gold coin and between 14 and 17 pieces of rare or better equipment.


  • Guild members earn Guild Commendations, while guilds earn Favor.


  • As of October 23rd, 2015 with the release of Heart of Thorns, Guilds can no longer gain Merits.
  • Prior to the Heart of Thorns expansion, guild commendations were capped at 7 per week and only PvE missions were available.