Moa Racing

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This event cannot be completed since Escape from Lion's Arch and is expected to be removed or changed substantially in a subsequent release.

Moa Racing is an activity in Farshore Ward, northeast of Farshore Waypoint. The waypoint will be contested while the moas are racing.


Talk to the NPC to place a bet before the moa race. Each bet costs 50 Silver coin.

Progress of the race is shown through the status of the meta event Moa Racing in Farshore Ward.

Upon completion, a dynamic event medal will display a medal and whether the event succeeded or failed. If the event succeeded, the moa placed and the medal corresponds to the position. If a moa places, you will receive a mail saying which place and the corresponded reward in vouchers. If the event fails, it will display a bronze medal and event failed message.

If you walk away from the moa racing area during the race, you forfeit and will not receive a mail, regardless of the outcome of the race.



The vouchers can be traded in to the Apprentice for rewards.


Graph of probability of three 1st place finishes given n number of attempts

Moa Racing has a probability distribution with 4 outcomes. Players can choose one of the five moas, each having an equal chance to place in any one place. The moa has a 20% chance to place first, 20% chance to place second, 20% chance to place third, and 40% not to place. The place determines the number of vouchers won. We can calculate the expected value.

Place 4th/5th 3rd 2nd 1st
N 0 1 3 7
P .4 .2 .2 .2
P(N) 0 .2 .6 1.4

Where N is the number of vouchers, P is the probability of the event, and P(N) is the expected value.

Gives an expected value of 2.2. Players should expect that, on average, they will gain 2.2 vouchers per game. A voucher can be converted to 20 Silver coin each. As each game costs 50 Silver coin, vouchers costs roughly 22 Silver coin 73 Copper coin each. As a Mini Helmed Moa Racer costs 125 vouchers, players will spend on average 28 Gold coin 40 Silver coin 91 Copper coin to purchase the mini, betting an average of 57 games to do so. Vouchers can be turned to coin through Bag of Race Winnings, giving an expected return of 44 Silver coin. Players should expect to lose Silver coin on average from betting.