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Community Portal

Lost in a sea of projects, formats, and debates? Look no further! These are the current hot topics.

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Current community matters[edit]

Newsletter of the week[edit]

This newsletter is maintained on User:Relyk/Wiki Newsletter and might not objectively reflect what happened on the wiki.

  • Greener, Darqam, Doodleplex, Cloned, J.Tesla and others attempt to add interwiki links/find ways to easily add interwiki links to pages that don't have them occurs, which leads to killing the recent changes pages with edits, bot hi-jinks and:
"21:57 User:Darqam/InterwikiHell‎ (diff | hist) . . (+10,078)‎ . . Darqam (Talk | contribs) (→‎Trinkets: aaaaaaannnnnd here are the weapons)" - Who wants to point out to Darqam what the differences between trinkets and weapons are?

Other useful pages[edit]