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Community Portal

Lost in a sea of projects, formats, and debates? Look no further! These are the current hot topics.

Add this page to your watchlist and stay on top of things!

[edit] Current community matters

  • ...

[edit] Newsletter of the week

This newsletter is maintained on User:Relyk/Wiki Newsletter and might not objectively reflect what happened on the wiki.

  • Titus goes to Alex to fix the family trees yet again.
  • User:Tanetris accuses User:Poke of treachery.
  • User:Relyk gets Extended Editor after some... poking.
  • Added an achievement count to {{Achievement table header‎}} finally instead of adding a manual tally on each achievement page.
  • Mukilol posts a Reddit thread on creating PvXwiki version 2. The thread spurs the rare comments from wiki users who never comment on the subreddit normally. And Mithran gets downvoted to oblivion. Tahiri posts on User:Chieftain Alex's talk page as a former Build Master and important person. Like threads before, people comment that they would love to but will rapidly forget the site exists.
  • User:Dr ishmael repairs more weapon sets for loot tables.

[edit] Other useful pages

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