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Maguuma Jungle

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Maguuma Jungle

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1-25, 55-70
Connects to
Ruins of Orr
Shiverpeak Mountains

The Maguuma Jungle is a vast wilderness west and southwest of Kryta. It is divided into the northern Maguuma Wastes, part of the Maguuma Jungle which has dried out since the rise of the Elder Dragons,[1] and the southern Tarnished Coast, home of the asura and sylvari.

Maguuma Wastes is where Ventari made his home before the human-centaur conflict engulfed the region and forced him south to Arbor Bay. Arbor Bay would also become the eventual birthplace of the sylvari (later renamed The Grove), whose presence has had a significant influence on the development of coastal and jungle regions of the Maguuma. Today, various races inhabit the Maguuma, such as the skritt, quaggan, and tengu.

In the past, the mystic druids lived in the Maguuma and became spirits to help guard the jungle and its inhabitants. The Maguuma Jungle is also the home of one of the original Bloodstone, a seer creation used to contain magic in the time of previous rise of the Elder Dragons. Saul D'Alessio, the founder of the White Mantle, found the mursaat deep within the jungle, who later used the bloodstone for their own purposes. The Shining Blade, while still a rebel organization bent on freeing Kryta of White Mantle's tyrannical rule, operated from within the jungle as well.


[edit] Sub-regions

The Maguuma Jungle has three sub-regions:

[edit] Locations

Explorable zones

[edit] Notes

[edit] Trivia

  • One of the available worlds is named Maguuma.

[edit] References

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