Battle of Kyhlo

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Battle of Kyhlo

Battle of Kyhlo map.jpg
Map of Battle of Kyhlo

The Mists

Battle of Kyhlo loading screen.jpg
Loading screen

Control the 3 capture points and defeat enemies to earn score for your team. Operate your team's trebuchet to bombard foes.

— In-game description

Battle of Kyhlo is a structured PvP map. It is a conquest map with three capture points and siege weapons as the secondary mechanic.

The battle takes place in a town which means that unless players stay on the high ground, their opponents can use the obstructing buildings as a cover as they move around the map, and also allows players to ambush their opponents with little effort. The outer capture points are quite open and they have only two entrances, but are still easy to reach by the cover of buildings. The center point is located up in the Clocktower, and can be accessed either from the inside or by using the wooden ramps on the either side of the tower.

Both team can use their trebuchets to destroy outer walls of the tower or to remove obstracles from the town to create new passages. The trebuchet deals severe damage and is capable of not only effectively sieging the capture points, but also virtually any other area of the map, so if the enemy team has a dedicated siege weapon user, it's usually best to take them and the trebuchet out quickly or at least harass them to give your team a chance to fight without constant barrage.


Capture points[edit]

  • Windmill.png
    Windmill (north)
  • Clocktower.png
    Clocktower (center)
  • Mansion.png
    Mansion (south)

Respawn areas[edit]

  • Blue Base.png
    Blue (south-east)
  • Red Base.png
    Red (north-west)

Secondary Mechanics[edit]

Blue team's trebuchet being used.

Each team has access to a trebuchet which can bombard any enemy or area on the battlefield. It causes massive damage to enemy players and causes knockback to players who get caught in the area of effect. It does no friendly-fire damage or knockback.

Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Turn Left.png
 Turn Left
100.25¼ Press and hold to turn your trebuchet to the left.
Fire (Trebuchet).png
40.25¼ 3 Press and hold to fire a trebuchet shot. Hold down to shoot farther.
Turn Right.png
 Turn Right
100.25¼ Press and hold to turn your trebuchet to the right.

It can also be used to destroy buildings and objects in your way. This can help create easier access routes to capture points from a team's base, or to provide additional routes to flank the opposing team. It is not possible to destroy the enemy's trebuchet with your own trebuchet as it is out of range, but it can be destroyed by enemy players. When this happens a repair kit will spawn on the map, which must be brought out to and used on the trebuchet in order to repair it and make it functional again. While carrying the Repair kit, the player can not use weapon skills.





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