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The Ancestor Tree

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The Ancestor Tree

Jahai Bluffs
(Crystal Desert)
Event type
Meta event
Total events

The Ancestor Tree is a meta event that takes place within the north-western part of the Jahai Bluffs. It consists of three periods of 10 minutes which repeat endlessly, two of which contain events.

Dynamic events[edit]


The first phase of the time shift starts at the top of each hour and each phase lasts 10 minutes. They are listed in order, along with the associated steps for the Requiem armor collection.

Phase Timing Description Associated steps for The Convergence of Sorrow II: Requiem
1 :00 & 0:30 Djinn Vessels Steps 2 (Vemyen), 3 (Meikka #1), 5 (Meikka #2)
2 :10 & 0:40 Brand Energy Step 6 (Noori)
3 :20 & 0:50 Iboga (no events) Step 7 (Noorima)
The event in phase 2, the brand energy phase, has been bugged and (generally) uncompletable since the Oct 13, 2020 patch. The event will spawn, but immediately (variance on timer down to 2:50/3:00) fail. The bug is not consistent, but extremely common. Sometimes fresh instances via post-reset Shatterer overflow or patching allow for a success before the bug takes over. Otherwise it just takes persistence and luck. Make note of the ip address for bugged maps when reporting to ANet via the "/ip" chat command.