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The Astralarium

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The Astralarium

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The Astralarium map.jpg
Map of The Astralarium

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The Astralarium is a large observatory situated in the north-west of the Domain of Istan. It is a home to many astronomers and scholars, and people from all around Elona visited here to learn. Nowadays, however, the propaganda of Palawa Joko and his twisted history is spreading from there, with a hidden Sunspear base found under The Astralarium to combat them and his tyrannical rule alike.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Renown Hearts
Complete heart (map icon).png Help the cause of dissenting Astralarium scholars (80)
Waypoint (map icon).png Astralarium Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Broken Observation Tower
Point of interest (map icon).png Mirror of the Earth
Point of interest (map icon).png Mirror of the Moon
Point of interest (map icon).png Mirror of the Stars
Point of interest (map icon).png Mirror of the Sun
Vista (map icon).png Astralarium Vista —
Go to the top of the Astralarium. Use a griffon or springer to get up onto the telescope.
Personal waypoint (map icon).png Istani Sunspear Base (instance)
Adventure (map icon).png Ancient Weapons
Adventure (map icon).png Istan Griffon Master





Renown Heart (map icon).png Archivist Salwa
Vendor Star (map icon).png Quartermaster Zineb
Volatile Magic Collector (map icon).png Scholar Fatima
Adventure (map icon).png Quartermaster Soanso



Ambient dialogue[edit]

Around The Astralarium grounds
Meteorologist (1): I heard a magical storm hit Amnoon, just like the one on our horizon–a Brandstorm.
Meteorologist (2): We're a long way from Amnoon. How could Kralkatorrik be attacking places so far apart?
Meteorologist (1): There's more... I recovered one of those stones falling from the sky. I think they’re connected to the Brandstorm.
Meteorologist (2): Don't go spreading that stuff about a new dragon threat around; people are scared enough as it is.
Astronomer: No... It’s ruined!
Astronomer: All my hard work... Years of observational notes...
Astronomer (1): Look, the kingdom funds our work here. We owe King Joko our support!
Astronomer (2): Fine! Then YOU do it!
Astronomer (1): Enough! Do as you're told!
Astronomer (1): It's your job to announce what the vizier wants to hear: that the stars foretell consummate triumph for King Joko.
Astronomer (2): I don't understand—why me? I don't believe any of that junk.
Astronomer (1): I don't care. It's your turn to give the king his good news!
Scholar (1): You and your HERESY are going to bring them down on all of us!
Scholar (2): Shh!
Scholar (3): Keep your voice down! You're bothering people.
Scholar (1): Let's go to the Mordant Crescent now. They might still accept your confession...
Scholar (3): I'm not going anywhere with you! I have nothing to confess to those...people.
Historian: We have to get their propaganda out of the historical records.
Scholar: Do you have a death wish? They'll burn your corrected versions when they find out! And then they'll burn us!
Scholar (1): You weren't there. Those Priory scholars were laughing at us! At the histories we brought them!
Scholar (1): They only know our king as some "far-off tyrant"-their words. Said no one's seen him outside this region in ages...
Scholar (1): If that's true–and we have no evidence it isn't–then King Joko was never Tyria's greatest hero.
Scholar (2): (gasp)
Historian: Watch your mouth! You want to get us all arrested?
Scholar (1): King Joko will have you flayed when he hears what you've been saying to your students.
Scholar (2): You really think our king's that petty, that MY words would hurt his feelings?
Scholar (1): No more of this talk. You're done, understand?
Historian: Some outlanders mock our king to your face, and suddenly you’re ready to erase Elona's real history?
Historian: Revising histories in the archives is treason, you idiot!
Scholar: I've–I've only been removing claims about King Joko that I couldn't verify...
Historian: The Mordant Crescent will come down on all of us when they hear about this! And they WILL hear about it!
Historian: Once we're out of the way, they'll just restore the histories. And this pathetic protest of yours will amount to nothing!
Historian: I've interviewed eyewitnesses. Joko wasn't even there when Balthazar fell...
Historian: None of them saw what the vizier told us happened in Vabbi. No one!
Scholar: My gods. What else has he been lying to us about?
Scholar: Why did we just pass along whatever they said, without question?
Scholar: How many young minds have I poisoned with their propaganda?
Scholar: We've been teaching their fictions as history, for generations. Kormir forgive us...
Resolving conflicts between scholars or using the obelisks
Orthodox Scholar: I'll remove you from this property myself, if I have to!
Near the adventure
Quartermaster Soanso: New recruits mean we need more weapons. Someone has to go get them.
Quartermaster Soanso: If you could assist us, we'd appreciate it.
Quartermaster Soanso: We just got word that new weapons have been dropped off at our cache locations. If you could assist us, we'd appreciate it.
When a new Brandstone Impact Site appears
Scholar Fatima: Oh! I just saw another Brandstone strike the ground.
Scholar Fatima: Aha! Another Brandstone just fell. It won't be long before it disintegrates.
In the hidden Istani Sunspear Base
First Spear Hakima: The Sunspears are an ancient order, honorable protectors from brighter years in Elona’s history.
First Spear Hakima: Most of my brothers and sisters were Awakened and forced to serve Joko. You know them now as the Mordant Crescent.
First Spear Hakima: A few survived, in hiding. Recruiting to sustain the Order across the generations in hopes they might one day rise against Joko.
First Spear Hakima: Zaeim has become the Spearmarshal of these Sunspears. We serve his vision of an Istan free from Joko’s grasp.
First Spear Hakima: Zaeim was trained by a Sunspear named Kitur, until word of Istan’s plight reached his ears.
First Spear Hakima: When Balthazar attacked the mainland, things got worse in Istan. Much worse.
First Spear Hakima: Istan was Zaeim’s home, and despite his mentor’s protests he could not sit by while it burned.
First Spear Hakima: Zaeim vowed to bring the Sunspears out of the shadows. To once again make them a shield for the innocent and the scourge of the corrupt.
First Spear Hakima: I was the first he recruited, but many would follow. Eventually we convinced him to take the title of Spearmarshal.


Books within the main structure
Books within the Sunspears Area

Crafting resources[edit]

Mine resource (map icon).png Brandstone Chunk
Mine resource (map icon).png Orichalcum Ore
Mine resource (map icon).png Mithril Ore
Wood resource (map icon).png Baoba Sapling
Wood resource (map icon).png Ancient Sapling
Plant resource (map icon).png Desert Vegetables
Plant resource (map icon).png Flax
Plant resource (map icon).png Lentils


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  • There are 8 bookshelves within the Astralarium, but only 5 of them can be interacted with.
  • Archivist Salwa will allow entry into the restricted section for characters that have completed her renown heart at least once.