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Broken Brand Stomper

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Brand Stompers are devices found throughout Grothmar Valley. They were erected by Blood Legion to clear the valley of residual Brand following the death of Kralkatorrik, but all of them seem to have broken. Vetia Foerazer will enlist the player character to help her repair them as part of the Brand Stomped achievement.

Interact with a Broken Brand Stomper to deploy repair golems; they will work for 30 seconds, during which time many Branded, including Branded Exploders and Branded Grubs, will spawn and attempt to disable them. If they survive the full 30s, the object will become a Repaired Brand Stomper and the achievement will update. If they don't survive, they will become disabled for 20 seconds, during which you cannot attempt to repair again.


For a detailed guide, see: Brand Stomped

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